Month: November 2014

Washi was registered as Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO

On November 27th, Washi (Japanese paper) was registered as Intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. “Washoku” (Japanese Cuisine) was registered as it last year. So, Intangible cultural heritages of Japan have been registered for the second consecutive year. Washi is the paper which is made in Japan by a traditional method. “Wa” means Japan, and “shi” means paper. There are various types of Washi in Japan, and this registered target is the paper made from Kouzo tree. Kouzo is a low tree distributed in Japan, Korea and China and has been used as main material for paper in these areas since ancient times. In addition to Kouzo, the trees such as […]

Little Kyoto – Small cities and towns similar to Kyoto

Kyoto was the capital city of Japan from 794 to 1868. To the south of Kyoto Imperial Palace where successive Emperors lived, grid of streets and avenues was set up and the city was constructed. In the city, there are many Buddhist temples and are some areas with old folk houses. And Kyoto created many Japanese cultures such as Kabuki, Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese cuisine, Nishijin weaving for Kimono, etc. Several historic buildings are designated a World Heritage Site and over 50 million tourists visit Kyoto from home and abroad. By the way, there are several cities and towns called “Little Kyoto”. Each of them has a long […]