Month: March 2015

Japanese Lesson 21 – Way of counting things (2)

I introduced some unit words for counting concrete objects in the preceding page. There are many other unit words not for concrete objects. Unit words for the number of repeat time and order The unit words for expressing the number of repeat time are “kai” or “do”. Both words are used frequently. The pronunciation of some numbers with “kai” are changed. “Ban” is a unit for expressing a position in an order or a ranking. In competition, race, various ranking, etc., the number with “ban” is used as a position in the ranking. Ordinal number In English, there are the ordinal word such as “first”, “second”, “third”, “fourth” in contrast […]

Japanese Lesson 20 – Way of counting things (1)

In many languages including English, the words of number are used for counting directly. But, Japanese need to add an appropriate unit word to the number. And there are a lot of unit words. You must know them, but please learn commonly used words first. Tsu – multipurpose word until 10 From 1 to 9, “tsu” is added at the end of the word. Only 10 doesn’t have it. But each word is different from the reading of number you have already learned. Because the reading is a way of counting since ancient times. But you can use them for various things. All inanimate objects are able to be counted […]

Japanese Lesson 19 – Reading of number (2) [Decimal, Fraction, Percentage]

Reading of decimal and fraction in Japanese is easy. Reading of percentage is not so difficult, too. Let’s learn them. Decimal In Japan, period is used as decimal point. The reading in Japanese is “ten” meaning “dot” in English. Each of numerical figures after a decimal point is read as a number. 0 is read as either zero or rei. When integer part is 0, it is usually read as “rei”. And, when the numerical figure of one’s place of the integer part is 2 (ni) or 5 (go), it is usually read long like “nii” or “goo”. 3.14 = san ten ichi yon 0.705 = rei ten nana rei […]

Japanese Lesson 18 – Reading of number (1) [Integer]

The notation of number is universal, and Arabic numerals are used in Japan too. And it is able to be written in kanji character. Let’s learn reading of number in Japanese. The first step is basic integer. Reading of number in Japanese is based on the decimal system since ancient times. English and some other European languages retain the traces of the duodecimal system and the vigesimal system. But Japanese is based on the decimal system completely. So you have only to memorize nine basic numbers and the names of digit. From 1 to 10, and zero These are most basic numbers. Please remember all of them. 2 (ni) and […]

Japanese Lesson 17 – Omission of the subject, Shift of subject and object

You can omit the subject of Japanese sentence Let’s look at the example in the page of Lesson-16. (I added a few words in the example.) (English) A: I was arrived at Tokyo yesterday. B: How long are you going to stay in Tokyo? A: Actually, I will go to Sapporo tomorrow. B: I went to Sapporo last month, too. A: What did you eat in Sapporo? B: I ate sushi. A: How long do you stay in Japan? B: I am in Japan until next month. (Japanese) [Actually = jitsuwa] A: Watashi wa kinoo Tookyoo ni tsuki mashita. B: Anata wa itsu made Tookyoo ni iru no desu ka? […]