Month: April 2015

Japanese Lesson 23 – Plural noun and how to use number words in sentence

I have introduced the way of counting things in Japanese on several pages. In this page, I explain how to use number words in sentence. Plural form of Japanese noun First, I describe plural form of Japanese noun. To put it simply, Japanese nouns have no plural form. That’s very fortunate thing. We must learn the plural forms in English or other main languages. But to learn Japanese, you don’t need to worry about such a thing. Whether a noun is singular or plural is recognized by adding an expression of number. However, there are plural words about noun of person. To express more than one person, the words are […]

Japanese Lesson 22 – Way of counting things (3)

This is the third page that I introduce the way of counting things in Japanese. In Japan, the metric system is used for the unit of length and weight. Of course, The notation is conformed to the international standard, but we read with Japanese pronunciation. Unit of length “Meter” is pronounced as “meetoru” in Japanese. 1,000 meters = 1 kilometer : “kiro-meetoru” in Japanese 0.01 meters = 1 centimeter : “senchi-meetoru” in Japanese 0.001 meters = 1 millimeter : “miri-meetoru” in Japanese The pronunciation in above yellow parts are changed for smooth speaking. Because Japanese language is based on vowel, long word tends to be shortened. So we often omit […]