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The info about Japanese culture, climate, etc.

Little Kyoto – Small cities and towns similar to Kyoto

Kyoto was the capital city of Japan from 794 to 1868. To the south of Kyoto Imperial Palace where successive Emperors lived, grid of streets and avenues was set up and the city was constructed. In the city, there are many Buddhist temples and are some areas with old folk houses. And Kyoto created many Japanese cultures such as Kabuki, Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese cuisine, Nishijin weaving for Kimono, etc. Several historic buildings are designated a World Heritage Site and over 50 million tourists visit Kyoto from home and abroad. By the way, there are several cities and towns called “Little Kyoto”. Each of them has a long […]

Ramen – Japanese popular noodle developed from Chinese noodle

Ramen is one of the most popular noodles in Japan. According to a survey, one Japanese eats ramen about 30 times per year. Ramen is cheap and tasty, and we can visit the ramen shop casually. And we can find ramen shops in any town in Japan. Ramen is originally a Chinese noodle food. In the early part of the 20th century, Chinese cooks living in Japan had served them in the restaurant. After the 1950s, some Japanese cooks began to tried to make ramen to suit Japaneser taste buds. Then many Japanese cooks appeared and ramen has formed a big category of Japanese food. Now even Chinese people recognize […]

Do you believe Japan is still exposed to radiation?

Great East Japan Earthquake occurred at 14:46 on March 11, 2011. It was one of the world’s powerful earthquakes of this century, and the magnitude was 9.0. By the earthquake, the east half of Honshu Island including Tohoku region and Tokyo area was shook strongly. I am living in Nagoya city at 350 km west of Tokyo. At that time, even my house shook badly. Because Japan has been an earthquake country, many houses and buildings have been built by Japanese high quake-resistance standards. Therefore, the damage of constructions was not so much. But the great tsunami just after the earthquake caused enormous damage to the coastal area in the […]

Major festivals in Japan

Main religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shinto. Because Buddhism and Shinto are quite different from one another, most Japanese separate them in a real-life situation. (For your information, Japanese Christians constitute only 1% of the population and only several thousand of Japanese Muslim are in Japan.) Believers in Buddhism pray to Buddha statue which is the incarnation of Buddha. Therefore, there are some Buddha statues in the main hall of Buddhist temple. Shinto is an indigenous religion of Japan. Many gods created the world and we believe that they live in huge natural objects such as mountain, waterfalls, gigantic stone, old huge tree, etc. The popular sacred objects are […]

Sushi is Japanese people’s favorite food.

Sushi is a Japanese food recognized by the world. Japanese people really like sushi. Sushi is made by mixing vinegar into boiled rice. Of course, it is the base of sushi and sushi as a dish is served as follows. 1) Nigiri-zushi (Hand-rolled sushi) : Put a sliced fish on a handful vinegared rice. 2) Maki-zushi (Sushi roll) : Put vinegared rice and ingredients on a sheet of nori (laver), then roll it. 3) Chirashi-zushi : Put vinegared rice into a bowl and put various ingredients on it. 4) Oshi-zushi (Pressed sushi) : Put vinegared rice and ingredients into wooden mold and press it. 5) Inari-zushi : Put vinegared rice […]

Are there still Samurai and Ninja in Japan?

Of course, the answer is “No”. But, Samurai and Ninja always come out to Japanese historical drama. In fact, it is not too much to say that medieval times of Japan was an era of Samurai. About Samurai From the ancient times, Japan has been a country with a national polity based on the Emperor’s family. The ancestors of Emperor’s family are described as the gods in Japanese myth. In the ancient times, the Emperor was a god and a policymaker. As Japan formed a nation, the Emperor and the dignitaries needed the guards to protect from revolt and leaking of confidential information. They are the origin of Samurai. As […]

Snow-covered area in Japan

Many tourists come from overseas to Japan. A lot of Southeastern Asian tourists are included in that, too. They often say that they want to see snow. And, ski visitors from Australia increase recently. Especially, Niseko ski resort is very popular because the quality of snow is one of the best in the world. As above, there are many tourists coming to Japan for “snow”. But in Japan, there is snowy area and non-snowy area. Unique winter weather of Japan Of course, in winter, temperature falls and it gets cold. But winter weather in Japan shows the characteristic distribution by the geographical location and landform. Japan is located for the […]

When are cherry blossoms in bloom in Japan?

Cherry blossom is called sakura in Japanese. Japanese people including myself really love sakura. When winter ends and cherry blossoms come into bloom, Japanese people realize that spring has come. In Japan, the new school term starts in April and government offices and companies also starts in the new fiscal year in April. When whole of Japanese society just changes like that, cherry blossoms celebrate the new start. Sakura is a symbol of start for Japanese people. But cherry blossoms burst into bloom, then fall within some days. They break the feeling of celebration early, and lead the people to return to their everyday life. After the period of sakura, […]