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Reserved seat and Non-reserved seat of limited express train in Japan.

When you travel around Japan, the most efficient means of transportation is railway. Shinkansen is the bullet train of Japan and it is a good way to use it for the travel in Japan. The west line from Tokyo leads to Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka in Kyushu Island. (The station name of Osaka is “Shin-Osaka”.) The section between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka is called as Tokaido-Shinkansen, and the section between Shin-Osaka and Fukuoka is called as Sanyo-Shinkansen. The line connects to Kyushu-Shinkansen at Fukuoka and it leads to Kagoshima city located at the south end of Kyushu Island. The north line from Tokyo has some branched lines. They lead […]

The means of transportation during the night is only overnight bus in Japan.

In Japan, there are many railway routes across the country. But, only several overnight trains are operated now. And some of them will be cut in March of 2015 and only one overnight train “Sunrise Izumo” running between Tokyo and Izumo city will remain. Until the 1980s, many overnight trains had been operated from Tokyo and Osaka to Kyushu Island, Tohoku area, etc. Some of them had only sleeping cars, but the others included some normal cars with seats. After that, the network of Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) was expanded and use of airplane increased. These means of transportation cut the time needed for travel, then the area where we […]

Ekiben – Box lunch sold at a railway station

Ekiben is a box lunch sold at a railway station. “Eki” means railway station and “ben” is the first syllabic character of “bento” meaning lunch box. Until the 1980s, when we traveled around Japan, railway was the main method of transportation. Most of long-distance trains had a dining car. But only a part of the passengers could have dinner in the car because of a limited number of tables. Other many passengers had Ekiben bought at any station. In those days, some ekiben sellers waited for the arrival of trains on the platform. As soon as the train arrived, they sold ekiben walking along the train during the short stoppage […]

Unlimited passes to travel around Kyoto

Kyoto had been the central city of Japan from 794 until the capital function was moved to Tokyo in 1869. The city was built on a grid and the Emperor had lived in the city the whole time. There are still many old folk house and temples in the city. Some of them are be designated a World Heritage Site and Kyoto is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. When you plan to visit Japan, I think you add to visit Kyoto in your plan once at least. There is no airport around Kyoto, and the nearest airport is Kansai Airport located 100km southwest of the city. It […]

Discount ticket to travel around Tokyo

When foreign travelers travel around Japan, they visit Tokyo at least once. In Tokyo, there are old and new sightseeing spots, unique Japanese subculture such as anime and manga catch to the eye, and there are various shopping areas. If you want to enjoy Tokyo without effort, one way is to participate in a tour of Hato Bus. It is a popular tour bus, and you can choose a favorite tour from several types of Tokyo tours for foreign tourists. But, Tokyo is not so wide. It is easy to travel around Tokyo by train and subway. Means of transportation in the central area of Tokyo There are most sightseeing […]

The heavily-crowded periods in Japan

When should you visit Japan? In spring, cherry blossoms bloom. In summer, cheerful festivals are held. In autumn, leaves turn red and gold. In winter, snow covers land. You can enjoy Japan in all seasons. But, regardless of the time when you visit Japan, there are a few periods when many Japanese people travel at the same time. When you visit Japan on such day, main airports and stations are very crowded. Most trains are filled with passengers, and you may have to move to your destination standing up on overcrowded train. There is a huge traffic jam on any expressway and it is very difficult for all buses to […]

Japan Rail Pass isn’t always necessary for your travel to Japan

Japan Rail Pass is the pass that is convenient for tourists visiting Japan from the foreign countries. It is also called JR Pass. Because I’m a Japanese, I can’t buy this pass. It is for only foreign tourist to Japan. Roughly speaking, Japan Rail Pass allows that you get on the trains in Japan and reserve the seat of limited express. But this explanation is not so satisfactory. There are some conditions to use this pass, and you need a better understanding of the rules of this pass. You can’t take all trains in Japan by Japan Rail Pass In Japan, there are many railway companies. The largest company is […]

How to get to Nagoya from Chubu Airport

Chubu Airport is an international airport which is located about 30km south of Nagoya city. It is on an artificial island floating in Ise Bay, and is about 2km away from Tokoname city on the mainland. Tokoname is one of major pottery production towns in Japan, and the amount of production of “Manki-neko” (Beckoning cat, a Japanese figurine) is the is number one in Japan. The airport was opened just in time for the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi. At that time, the function of the international airport was moved from Nagoya Airport to here. Nagoya Airport is about 10km north of Nagoya city and is the airport for domestic service […]

How to get to Osaka from Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport is an international airport which is located about 40km southwest of Osaka city. It is on an artificial island floating in Osaka Bay, and is about 5km away from the mainland. The airport was opened in 1994. At that time, the function of the international airport was moved from Itami Airport to here. Itami Airport is about 10km north of Osaka city and is the airport for domestic service only now. About Kansai Airport There is two terminals (the 1st and the 2nd) in Kansai Airport, and the first terminal is the central building. The first terminal is positioned roughly in the center of the airport island, and […]

How to get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport is an airport around the river mouth of Tama River flowing along the south side of Tokyo. It is at the position of 10-15km from the center of Tokyo, and is a city Airport of Tokyo virtually. When Tokyo Olympic Games was held in 1964, this airport accepted a large quantity of teams and guests from many foreign countries, for the first time in Japanese history. And, there is the history that the Beatles got off a plane for a visit to the concert in Japan under heavy security in 1966. Haneda Airport left the role of the international airport to Narita Airport opened in 1978. But, this […]

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