How to get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport is an airport around the river mouth of Tama River flowing along the south side of Tokyo. It is at the position of 10-15km from the center of Tokyo, and is a city Airport of Tokyo virtually. When Tokyo Olympic Games was held in 1964, this airport accepted a large quantity of teams and guests from many foreign countries, for the first time in Japanese history. And, there is the history that the Beatles got off a plane for a visit to the concert in Japan under heavy security in 1966. Haneda Airport left the role of the international airport to Narita Airport opened in 1978. But, this […]

How to get to Tokyo from Narita Airport

The Narita International Airport is located to east about 60km of Tokyo. It is inland from Tokyo Bay which Tokyo faces. The nearest town is Narita city, and Narita-san Shinshoji (Buddhist temple) in the city is famous nationwide. There is the airport in the suburban countryside of Narita city. Because the airport is such a location, you must spend some amount of time to go to Tokyo. About Narita Airport There are two terminal buildings (the first, the second) at this airport, and the terminal of each other is about 1.5km away. For each airline, the terminal to use has been determined. The terminal does not mean that decided to […]

The gateways to Japan

Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea on all sides. Therefore, the means that you enter Japan is one of the ship or the airplanes. But there is the regular lines of the ship only from South Korea and China which are near to Japan. Even when Japanese tourists go to these countries, most of them choose the airplane. At first you must think that you use the airplane when you go to Japan. Tokyo – Capital of Japan As a city of Japan, most people know Tokyo. Of course, you know it well, too. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. In economy, finance, culture, it is one […]

Start of the blog ”Enjoy Japan more”

Hello, friends. I’m nori. I’m living in Nagoya city in the central part of Japan. Since the East Japan Great Earthquake disaster of 2011, Japan has made an effort for early revival in moment of the stricken area. As a result, the revival of Japan is almost completed. In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics are held. The Japanese cuisine which are familiar to us has been registered with a world heritage. I believe that the people who are interested in Japan in the world are increasing surely. I often receive the questions about the trip to Japan from the overseas friends recently in facebook. There are some similar questions in that. And, […]

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