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Telephone, Postal mail and Electrical plug


In Japan as mobile phones have become more common, the number of public telephones has steadily decreased.
So, while you stay in Japan, you are rather difficult to find a phone booth.

If you don't have a mobile phone that is usable in Japan and you must make a call, go to a railroad station, a supermarket, a convenience store, a hotel, or a big hospital. And maybe you can find a public phone at any of them.

Of course, you can make a call from the room in the hotel where you are staying, but generally the telephone charge comes expensive by adding service charge and so on.
Therefore, I think you had better use public telephone.

You can use some coins or a telephone card (prepaid card) for calling.
There are 500-yen telephone card and 1,000-yen telephone card, and the latter card is worth 1,050 yen.
You can buy them at a vending machine around the public telephone or covenience store and so on.

NTT East Public Telephone Information : The telephone company covering in east Japan
NTT West Public Telephone Information : The telephone company covering in west Japan

You can make an international call from public telephones which display "International".
The international telephone service in Japan is offered by several companies.
But you have only to know the below "KDDI".

KDDI International Calls

If you feel a strong need for mobile phone in Japan, there are several rental companies in the international airports (Narita, Kansai).
Visit your favorite shop and rent a mobile phone. And return it before embarkation procedure.

Cellular Phone Rental Page in Narita airport site
Mobile Phone Rentals Page in Kansai airport site

And some other rental phone services are in the world.
Please think about them.

MyJapanPhone.com : Japan Cell Phone Rental, Incoming Free lowest rates just $2/day, Easy pick-up and drop-off in USA\Japan, No minimum usage requirements, Pay for your calls by credit card no need to worry about running out of minutes.

When you make a long-distance call, you must punch in the area code before phone number.
The area codes of main cities are the following.

Tokyo : 03 / Osaka : 06 / Sapporo : 011 / Yokohama : 045 / Nagoya : 052
Kyoto : 075 / Kobe : 078 / Hiroshima : 082 / Fukuoka : 092 / Naha : 098

Within Tokyo area : 1234-5678
To Tokyo from the other area : 03-1234-5678

But the following codes are not common fixed telephone, so you must punch full code always.

(Cell phone) 090-xxxx-xxxx, 080-xxxx-xxxx
(IP telephone) 050-xxxx-xxxx
(Toll-free number) 0120-xxx-xxx

Additionally, the numbers of emergency call in Japan are 110 (Police) and 119 (Ambulance, Fire engine).
But the operator may be unable to understand your language. In such a case, it is sensible to ask any Japanese person by you to make a call.

Phone booth
Public telephone
Public telephone

Postal mail

Mark of Post office It is good to send your home or friends postcards from Japan.

Write the address in your language on your postcard, and write clearly your country name in English and "AIR MAIL".
It takes about a week by air mail to receive the postcard.
But if you select "sea mail", it takes more than a month.
The rate of sea mail is only slightly cheaper than air mail. So you should write "AIR MAIL".

There are many post offices in Japan, and you can find them in small town. And you can find many mailboxes in a city.
The post offices open commonly from nine to five on weekdays. The urban main post offices open to 7 pm and open in the morning on Saturday.

The mail business is run by Japan Post Service Company (JP).
The mark is a design that a line is added above the character of "T".

Electrical plug and outlet

Outlet and PlugIf you want to use some appliances by putting the electrical plug into the outlet, you must prepare an electric transformer and a plug which match the outlets in Japan.

The voltage in Japan is 100 volts.
But the frequency of the power supply is 50 Hz in east Japan and 60 Hz in west Japan.

The reason is that the power company in east Japan installed the German electric generators and the company in west Japan installed the American ones in Meiji period.
The 50 Hz area, for detailes, is Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Niigata prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture and the eastern area of Fiji river in Shizuoka prefecture.

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