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Dependable services


Koban in Ginza (Tokyo) "Koban" is the police box in which a few policemen are stationed.
There are many kobans all over Japan, and you are sure to find them around main station or airport.

If you don't know how to get to your destination, the policemen in the koban show you it kindly.
If your items are lost or stolen, they give you a helping hand.
However if you are unfortunate, there is nobody in the koban. Sometimes they are on patrol.

Convenience store

Convenience store Convenience store is the shop in which you get groceries, and we Japanese go offen there.
Probably it is very available for travelers.

Main items are below.
Packed lunch, sandwich, instant noodles, soft drinks, milk, snack foods, candy, gum, ice cream
Soap, shampoo, cosmetics, umbrellas, dry cell, tissue paper
Postcard, stamps, stationary, newspapers, magazines, CDs, and so on.

There are many convenience stores in most cities. You can find them throughout the city.
In addition, most of them open 24 hours a day.

Next links are the sites of main convenience stores, and there are many other stores in Japan.

Seven-Eleven Japan   LAWSON   FamilyMart   Circle K and Sunkus


"Ekiben" means "lunch box selling at railroad station".
Shinkansen and most limited expresses has no dining car in Japan. Beacuse, the trains have become rapid and the travelers cannot provide enough time to enjoy the dining in the train.
Instead, various Ekiben are sold at main station.
Ekiben is a lunch box with rice and many side dished, and they are packed compactly and beautifully.
Enjoy the Ekiben on your seat.

When you walk around in Tokyo station, you may find more than a hundered kinds of Ekiben.

Ekiben shop Typical Ekiben Masu-no-sushi in Toyama station


Depa-chika "Depa-chika" means basement of a department store.
Most of department stores in Japan set up fresh food shops, prepared food shops, packed lunch shops, confectionery shops and so on, in the basement floor.
We can enjoy shopping calmly in the department store, but the depa-chika is always bustling.
Of course, we find more ladies at any age there than gentlemen.

You are available to get your lunch or small supper.
You find many nationally famous shops there, so you can get more gorgeous foods than convenience store.

Next links are the sites of main department stores, and there are many other stores in Japan.

Mitsukoshi   Takashimaya   Daimaru

Vending machine

Vending machine In Japan there are 5.5 million vending machines. Probably the density of setting is highest in the world.
You can find them easily in the city and even in the country.

Half of vending machines in Japan are for soft drinks.
Other vending machines are for beer, cigarette and so on.
You can get the drinks soon when you are thirst. At that time, you can get both cold drink and hot one on a machine.

Most vending machines accept the coins of 10-yen, 50-yen, 100-yen and 500-yen. And they accept only 1,000-yen bills.
Notice that the coins of 1-yen and 5-yen and the bills of 2,000-yen, 5,000-yen and 10,000-yen aren't accepted.

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