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Lake Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu Lake Shikotsu ("Shikotsu-ko" in Japanese) is a freshwater caldera lake located about 25 km west of Shin-Chitose Airport, and is also about 35 km just south of Sapporo.

It has about 14 km from east to west and 10 km from north to south in width, and its shore langth is about 40 km.
The average depth is 265 meters, so it is the second-deepest lake in Japan. (The deepest lake is Lake Tazawa.)
Because the volume of water is relatively much, this lake doesn't freeze in winter.

There are three active volcanoes near this lake.
On the north side there is the Mount Eniwa (1,320 m), and on the south side there are Mount Fuppushi (1,102 m) and Mount Tarumae (1,041 m).
Lake Shikotsu was formed by eruption of these volcanoes about 40 thousand years ago.

There is a visitor center on the eastern coast, and some hot spring hotels are located at that area.
Sightseeing boats leave from here.
And only a few hot spring hotels are on the northern coast.
We can find few houses along the other coast, and there are some camp sites in places.

How to get to here

By route bus

About 1 hour from JR Shin-Chitose Kuukou (Airport) Station.
About 1 hour and 30 minutes from JR Sapporo station in summer period from mid-June to mid-October.

By car

About 25 km from Shin-Chitose Airport. It takes about 40 minutes.

Lake Shikotsu and Mount Eniwa
Photo by DO PHOTO
Lakeside road Outdoor bath on the northern shore
Photo by DO PHOTO
Mt.Fuppushi in winter Sunset at Lake Shikotsu

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