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Shakotan peninsula

Shakotan peninsulaShakotan peninsula map Shakotan peninsula is a mountainous one which extends to the northwest, and the length is about 30 km.

From the late 19th to the early 20th century, the area around this peninsula was a good fishing ground of herring.
Now a fishing industry is main, and especially fresh sea urchins are tasty.

Basically main sightseeing spots of Shakotan peninsula are along the north coast, and mainly these are natural scenery.
General entrance to the peninsula is Yoichi town on northern base of the peninsula.

Candle rock /1/

Candle RockIt is a unique rock which is 46 meters high and stands on the sea like a candle.
It is located 12 km northwest of Yoichi town, and stands about 0.7 km off the coast.

Cape Ougon /2/

Cape OugonIt is a cape near Bikuni fishing port, which is located 25 km northwest of Yoichi town.
It is a good lookout, then we have a view of the port, an island and the Sea of Japan.
From Bikuni port, a pleasure ship leaves for seeing into the sea.

Shakotan underwater view ship

Shimamui Coast /3/

Shimamui coastIt is a coast near the Cape Shakotan, and is located at the northern edge of the peninsula.
The water of sea is very clear and the color is called "Shakotan blue", so we can enjoy the beautiful view.

Cape Kamui /4/

Cape Kamui It is a cape located at the northwestern edge of the peninsula.
We can have a splendid view of the Sea of Japan.
A rock like a tower stands in the sea off the cape, and is called "Kamui rock". It is believed that a broken-hearted girl thrown herself into the sea became this rock a long time ago.

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How to get to here

By route bus

From JR Otaru station, about 1 hour and 25 minutes to Bikuni, about 2 hour and 20 minutes to Kamui-misaki (Cape Kamui)

By car

About 50 km from Otaru to Bikuni. It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
About 75 km from Otaru to Cape Kamui. It takes about 2 hour.

Candle rock View from Cape Ougon
Shimamui Coast Sea of "Shakotan blue"
Cape Kamui Kamui rock
Photo by DO PHOTO
Sunset at Vape Kamui Unidon (Bowl of rice topped with sea urchin)
Photo by DO PHOTO

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