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Lake Kussharo

Lake KussharoLake Kussharo mapLake Kussharo ("Kussharo-ko" in Japanese) is a freshwater caldera lake located about 10 km west of Lake Mashu.
It is on the the biggest caldera floor in Japan,and is about 12 km long and 6 km across. And it is 117 meters deep.
An island, which is a volcano, is in the center of the lake, and it is the biggest island in Japan as the island in caldera lake.

Lake Kussharo has acidic water, so few fish are living in this lake.
But in 1973, rumors were around that a monster was living in the lake.
There were some eyewitness testimonies, but all of them are uncertain.
They gave the monster the name of "Kusshii", after naming of Loch Ness's "Nessie" in Scotland.
These days no one has reported sighting of "Kusshii".

This lake is in a volcanic area, then there are a lot of volcanoes and hot springs around it. Here and there on the lakeside, if you make a hole in the ground, hot water springs.
Particularly there are many hot springs on the east and south lakeside.

Kawayu hot spring resort is the main resort of this lake, and is located about 2 km northeast of the lake.

There is a small Wakoto Peninsula on the south coast of the lake, and the outdoor hot spring bath is popular.

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

By local train on JR Senmou Line, from Kushiro to Kawayu-onsen station about 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Then by route bus, to the Kawayu hot spring resort, from the station about 20 minutes.
The public transportation is only this, so when you visit around the lake, you had better use a car.

By car

About 80 km from Kushiro. It takes about 2 hours.

Lake Kussharo from the north Lake Kussharo from the west
Photo by DO PHOTO
Sunayu footbath
Photo by easthokkaido.com
Mt.Iou volcano to the east of the lake
Photo by easthokkaido.com
Lake Kussharo in winter
Footbath of Kawayu hot spring resort
Photo by easthokkaido.com
Outdoor bath of Wakoto Peninsula

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