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Kushiro city

Kushiro city mapKushiro Kushiro is a city positioned in the east part of Hokkaido, and faces the Pacific Ocean.

It is an industrial city, then there are some industrial complexes around the city.
And Kushuro port is one of the big cargo ports in Japan.

In summer it is relatively cool in this area, and fog rises in many days.
In winter it is very cold, but it is relatively fine and snowfall is light.

It is the base city to travel to eastern Hokkaido.

Broad Kushiro Marsh spreads to the north of the city, and we can see the precious natural.
In the area, red-crowned cranes make their habitat, and they have been protected as a special Japanese natural treasure.

Nusamai Bridge /1/

Nusamai BridgeIt is a bridge over the Kushiro River, and located 1 km south of JR Kushiro station and in the central Kushiro city.
There is the Kushiro port about 1 km west of it. So the beautiful view of the sunset here is famous.
On the parapet, there are 4 statues of women made by 4 Japanese sculptors.

Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf MOO /2/

It is a main commercial complex for tourists in Kushiro city, and is located just west of Nusamai Bridge.
There are many restaurants, cafes and markets in it.
Additionally "Minato-no-yatai" (Stalls on a port) section has several food stalls.

Washo Market /3/

Washo MarketIt is a market located near JR Kushiro station, and there are many small shops of fresh foods.
Especially "Katte-don" in this market is a unique dish, so it is very popualar for tourists.
You buy a bowl within boiled rice.
Then you top some pieces of your favorite raw fish on the rice as much as you like, with traveling in the market and buying them.
After putting soy sauce (shoyu) on the dish at the last shop, you eat it.

Tanchozuru Natural Park /4/

Tanchozuru natural parkTanchozuru means "red-crowned crane", and its habitat is only around Kushiro in Japan.
Number of them is small, so it is protected.
This park is one of observation spots of red-crowned crane, and is located about 15 km west northwest of Kushiro city and just north of Kushiro Airport.
You can see some cranes through a whole year.
From central Kushiro city to this park, it takes about 50 minutes by route bus or 40 minutes by car.

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How to get to Kushiro

By airplane and route bus

  1. By airplane, from each airport to Kushiro Airport.
    (For example, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes from Haneda (Tokyo) and 55 minutes from Shin-Chitose (Sapporo).)
  2. Then by bus, from the airport to Kushiro Station, it takes 45 minutes.

By railroad

By limited express of JR, it takes about 4 hours from Sapporo.

Nusamai Bridge Sunset view from Nusamai Bridge
©Y.Shimizu / ©JNTO
Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf MOO Nusamai Bridge and MOO in the evening
©Y.Shimizu / ©JNTO
Washo Market Washo Market
Photo by easthokkaido.com
Photo by easthokkaido.com
©Hokkaido Tourism Organization / ©JNTO
Tanchozuru Natural Park Red-crowned crane
Photo by (C) RARURU

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