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Obihiro mapObihiroObihiro is a city positioned in the southeast part of Hokkaido.

It is on a flat basin in the midstream of Tokachi River, therefore it is very cold in winter and very hot in summer.
This region including Obihiro city is called "Tokachi", and large-scale farming is the main industry.

There are not so many sightseeing spots in this area.
But Obihiro has the popular foods such as "buta-don" which is the rice bowl topped with cooked pork.
And various sweets using rich and fresh farm products are popular.

Aikoku station / Kofuku station /1/

Aikoku station and Koufuku stationThey are the small railroad stations on former Hiroo Line of national railway which became defunct in 1987. (The national railway was privatized as JR that year.)

Of course, no train comes to these station today. But Japanese tourists still visit them.
Because, the names of the stations are lucky.

Aikoku means "land of love", and Kofuku means exactly "happiness".
Aikoku is located about 11 km south of Obihiro, and Kofuku is located about 22 km south of Obihiro.
So when Hiroo Line was active, the ticket from Aikoku (Land of love) to Kofuku (Happiness) sold in huge numbers as a talisman to bring them happiness.

Because "Kofuku" has the direct meaning, so more tourists visit Kofuku station than Aikoku.

Wine Castle /2/

Ikeda Wine CastleIt is a municipal winery in Ikeda town located 20 km east of Obihiro city.
The building looks like an European castle, so it has been named "Wine Castle".
This town was poor, then the mayor started wine brewing as a new industry of the town in 1963.
In 1975 the first product was shipped at last, after overcoming difficulties such as inexpertness and severe climate.
Now this wine is called "Tokachi wine" and it receives a high evaluation in Japan.
You can tour the factory, and sample the wine.
It is near JR Ikeda station.

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How to get to here

By airplane

  1. By airplane, from each airport to Tokachi-Obihiro Airport.
    (For example, it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes from Haneda (Tokyo) and 1 hour and 55 minutes from Kansai (Osaka).)
  2. Then by bus, from the airport to Obihiro Station, it takes about 40 minutes.

By railroad

By limited express of JR, it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Sapporo, about 1 hours and 30 minutes from Kushiro.
From Obihiro to Ikeda, by limited express about 15 minutes, by local train about 30 minutes.

Aikoku station
Photo by Railstation.net
Preserved steam locomotive at Aikoku station
Photo by Railstation.net
Kofuku station
Photo by Railstation.net
Platform side of Kofuku station
Waiting room of Kofuku station Monument of the ticket from Aikoku to Kofuku
Wine Castle in Ikeda town Wine aging in Wine Castle
Photo by DO PHOTO
Cake in Obihiro
Photo by DO PHOTO

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