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Cape Erimo

Cape ErimoCape Erimo ("Erimo-misaki" in Japanese) is a cape located about 110 km south of Obihiro city. It is a sharp corner at the center of bottom on a map of Hokkaido.

Hidaka Mountains run from north, and they fall into the Pacific Ocean at this cape directly.
So steep cliffs surround the cape, and rock reefs run from the cape to 7 km off the coast.
It is windy at most days of year, and fog often rises.

There is a lighthouse on the tip of the cape, and a museum about the wind,"Kaze-no-yakata" is near.
The museum introduces various knowledge about wind and the history of people living around the cape.
And you can enjoy the view of the cape at the observatory in the museum without strong wind.

How to get to here

From Obihiro by route bus

  1. From Obihiro station to Hiroo, about 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  2. After changing to another bus at Hiroo, to Cape Erimo, about an hour.

From Sapporo by train and route bus

  1. From Sappro to Tomakomai, about 45 minutes by limited express.
  2. After changing to JR Hidaka Line, from Tomakomai to Samani, about 3 hours 10-30 minutes by local train.
  3. From Samani station to Cape Erimo, about 1 hour by route bus.

By car

About 130 km from Obihiro. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes.
About 240 km from Sapporo. It takes about 4 hours with traveling highway.

Cape Erimo
Ridge of Hidaka Mountains

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