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Sounkyo gorge

Daisetsuzan mapSounkyo Sounkyo is a gorge located from east to north of Daisetsuzan.
It is along the upper portion of Ishikari River, and is about 24 km long.

It is the most popular spot in Daisetuzan area.
You can enjoy the natural scenery such as many cliffs, rocks and waterfalls.

And at the center of area, there is Sounkyo hot spring resort.

sounkyo.net : The official website of Sounkyo Sightseeing Developement Council

Sounkyo hot spring resort /1/

Sounkyo hot spring resortIt is the central hot spring resort in Sounkyo, and is located about 60 km east of Asahikawa city.
It is the central hot spring resort in Daisetsuzan area, and there are more than a dozen big hotels.
Additionally there is the Sounkyo Visitor Center in this resort town.

Kurodake (Mount Kuro) /2/

KurodakeKurodake is a volcano located 5 km southwest of Sounkyo hot resort.
This is also one of the volcanoes of Daisetsuzan, and is 1,984 meters high.
We can go up to the 1,300-meters-high observatory with the ropeway.

Ryusei waterfall / Ginga waterfall /3/

Ryusei waterfall / Ginga waterfallThese two waterfalls are located about 3 km east of Sounkyo hot spring resort.
The distance between these two waterfalls is only 300 meters, so you can see both waterfalls from the side road along the Ishikari River.
The right waterfall is "Ryusei waterfall". "Ryusei" means "meteor". We feel dynamism for this.
The left waterfall is "Ginga waterfall". "Ginga" means "galaxy". We feel delicacy for this.

Oobako /4/

OobakoOobako is located 7 km east-southeast of Sounkyo hot spring resort.
Huge cliffs of columnar joint stand in front of you. This is the most famous spot in Sounkyo.
There is similar "Kobako" near here, but it is close to traffic for rockfall hazard.

Ginsendai /5/

GinsendaiGinsendai is an observatory on the eastern slope of Daisetsuzan, and is located 8 km south of Sounkyo hot spring resort.
There is Akadake volcano (2,078 m) of Daisetsuzan.
This is famous for the beautiful colored leaves, and we can see them earliest in Japan.

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How to get to Sounkyo

By route bus

From JR Asahikawa station, about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

By railroadn and route bus

From JR Asahikawa station to Kamikawa station, by limited express about 45 minutes.
Or, from JR Abashiri station to Kamikawa station, by limited express about 3 hours.
Then from Kamikawa station, by route bus about 30 minutes.

By car

From central Asahikawa, about 67 km it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
From Sounkyo hot spring To Ginsendai, about 30km, it takes 40 minutes.

Sounkyo hot spring resort Sounkyo Ropeway
Kurodake Ryusei waterfall
Ginga waterfall We can see both waterfalls at the observatory on a cliff.
Photo by DO PHOTO
Ginsendai in autumn
Colored leaves in Ginsendai

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