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Zuiganji temple

Zuiganji temple Zuiganji is a Buddhist temple of Rinzai sect located west of central Matsushima town.

An ancient document says that this temple was founded in 828 by Priest En'nin.
Originally this was the temple for Tendai sect.
But Tokiyori Hojo, a regent of Kamakura period, had felt in love with Zen sect, so he got rid of the monks of Tendai sect by force in the 1250s.
After that, this temple became one for Rinzai sect, which is one of Zen sects.

In 16th century, this also involved in provincial wars, then it had laid in ruin.
Masamune Date, a leading warload in this region, decided to reconstruct the temple, then the noble temple was completed in 1609.
Most buildings are designated as national treasures and important cultural properties.

How to get to here

About 5 minutes on foot, from JR Matsushima-kaigan station.

Zuiganji temple
Main gate of Zuiganji temple
Main hall of Zuiganji temple
Painted sliding screen in Zuiganji temple

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