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Railroads other than JR and subway

JR is the countrywide corporate group which was originally a national railroad.
And there are several other railroad around Tokyo other than JR. They are generally translated as "private railroads". (It's kind of funny.)

Their terminal stations are mostly set up on or around JR Yamanote Line.
Their lines radiate from central Tokyo, and basically commuter trains run from the suburbs to Tokyo.
But some railroads have a few sightseeing spots on the lines, and have nice limited express trains.

Tobu Line and Keisei LineTobu Line /1/

It is the largest railroad company in Kanto Prefecture, and the terminal station is Asakusa.

The main lines run through the east part of Saitama Prefecture and leads to Nikko, Kinugawa-onsen and Isezaki.
Especially this is the most convenient railroad to visit there, and the limited express "SPACIA" runs within 2 hours from Asakusa.

It connects with Hibiya Line of subway at Kita-Senju and Hanzomon Line at Hikifune.
"SPACIA" stops at Kita-Senju.

Tobu Railway official website

Keisei Line /2/

It is the railroad from central Tokyo to Narita Airport and Chiba city.
The terminal station is Keisei-Ueno, and is located underground near JR Ueno station.
The limited express "Skyliner" runs from here to Narita Airport.

Asakusa Line of Toei subway connects with a short Keisei's branch line between Oshiage and Aoto, so many trains run from the subway into the main line.
And at Nippori, we can change the JR trains.

Keisei Electric Railway official website

Seibu Line and keio LineSeibu Line /3/

It has two main lines from central Tokyo.
Their terminal stations are Ikebukuro and Shinjuku. The former is next to JR station, but the latter is short distance away from the JR station.

Both lines run to the west in nearly parallel, and they reach the middle area of Tokyo Metropolis and the west part of Saitama Prefecture.
Basically it is a suburban railroad, but the reserved-seat limited express trains are opearated on both lines, and the name of train is "Red Arrow".

Especially the train from Ikebukuro to Seibu-Chuchibu leads to the mountainous area in western Saitama Prefecture.

Seibu Railway Tourist Guide : Official website

Keio Line /4/

It is the railroad running mainly from Shinjuku to Hachioji city or Mount Takao.
And a few lines branch off from the main line. The main line connects to a subway, Toei Shinjulu Line.
Keio Line is a suburban railroad, and none of the trains has reserved seats.

Keio Railway official website

Odakyu Line, Tokyu Line and Keikyu LineOdakyu Line /5/

It is the railroad running from Shinjuku through the middle area of Kanagawa Prefecture to Odawara, Hakone-Yumoto, Fujisawa and Katase-Enoshima.

It leads to the popular sightseeing area such as Hakone and Kamakura, so it has been operated the sightseeing limited expresses named "Romance Car" since early times.
They depart from Shinjuku 2 or 3 times an hour.

Additionally limited express "Asagiri" runs from Shinjuku to JR Numazu, after entering to JR Gotenba Line at Matsuda station. It is operated 4 times a day.

Odakyu Line connects to a subway, Chiyoda Line (Tokyo Metro).
Of course, general trains run into it, but some Romance Cars also run since March in 2008.
It has been the first time in Japan that reserved-seat limited express runs on a common subway line.

Odakyu Electric Railway official website

Tokyu Line /6/

It is the railroad having several lines in the southern area of central Tokyo.
The main line is Toyoko Line between Shibuya and Yokohama, and it is convenient because it leads directly to the popular area in Yokohama.

Tokyu Corporation official website

Keikyu Line /7/

It runs from Shinagwa through Yokohama and Yokosuka to Misakiguchi near the tip of Miura Peninsula.
This main line is in pararell with JR Line, so the speed of the rapid trains is very fast for competing with the rival.
And at Keikyu-Kamata station, the line to Haneda Airport branches off. Keikyu Line is one of important means of transportation to there.


SPACIA (Tobu Line)
Skyliner (Keisei Line)
Red Arrow (Seibu Line)
Train of Keio Line
Odakyu Romance car
Odakyu Romance Car for running into subway
Train of Tokyu Line
Train of Keikyu
All photoes by Railstation.net

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