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How to buy railroad tickets

Ticket vending machinesWhen we tour around Tokyo by railroad, we must buy the tickets from vending machine at the station.
Of course, most stations have ticket offices.
But they are for buying the long-distance tickets, seat resevation ticket or special tickets.
If you want to buy short-distance tickets there, the clerk in the office probably encourage you to buy at the vending machine.

So learn how to buy the ticket in Tokyo.

  1. Find the fare to your destination on the route map displaying around vending machines.
  2. If you have found a word "English" on the display, you had better touch it. The information becomes in English.
  3. Check the number of tickets you need.
    "Adult" is over 13 years old, and "Child" is 6-12 years old. The fare for child is half-price. And infant under 5 years old is free.
  4. Touch the number of ticket, then touch the fare which you found first.
    (On the display, various numeric values of fare are lined. They aren't station names !)
  5. Put coins and bills in the vending machine.
  6. The tickets and charge come out.

Automatic ticket gates All ticket wickets in Tokyo have been automated.
Insert your ticket into a automatic ticket gate, and the gate opens.
Then pass through the gate.

Take extra care not to leave your ticket on the gate !

Various discount tickets

When you tour about Tokyo within a short period of time, it is bother to buy the tickets each time.

So most railroad companies sell various special discount tickets that allow unlimited travel for a set period.
Some tickets are usable only in the lines of the railroad, and some are available in a few railroads.

We can generally buy these tickets at the ticket office of the station.
And we can buy the following tickets at any time. (The unit of fare is yen.)
They sometimes sell other seasonal tickets. With luck, you may get it.

Ticket name (in Japanese) JR (*1) Tokyo
The others Duration Adult
Tokunai Pass         1 day 750 370
Tokyo Free Kippu Toei tram 1 day 1,590 800
Tokyo Metro 1-nichi Joshaken         1 day 710 360
Toei Marugoto Kippu     Toei tram 1 day 700 350
Toei Chikatetsu / Tokyo Metro
1-nichi Joshaken
      1 day 1,000 500
Chikatetsu Kyotsu Pass (*2)
    Keikyu Line 1 day 1,310 660

(*1) The range is within only Special Wards of Tokyo.
(*2) You must start from Haneda Airport station on keikyu Line, and return there.

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