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Railroad network around Yokohama

Map of Railroad netwaork around Yokohama Kawasaki and Yokohama area in Kanagawa Prefecture has many railroad.

Basically most lines radiate from central Tokyo, but some of them lead to Yokohama station.
Additionally some railroads radiate from Yokohama, so Yokohama station has very many lines.

The following lines are useful for your tour in Kanagawa Prefecture.

JR Tokaido, Yokosuka and Shonan-Shinjuku Lines

These lines are the suburban railroads from Tokyo.

Tokaido Line is the main line running through Kanagawa Prefecture, and we can move speedy in the prefecture.
It passes through Kawasaki, Yokohama, Ofuna, and runs along Shonan coast.

Yokosuka Line runs along Tokaido Line from Tokyo, but it branches off at Ofuna.
It passes through Kamakura, Yokosuka, and leads to Kurihama on Miura peninsula.

The trains on these lines depart from Tokyo station, but ones on Shonan-Shinjuku Line depart from Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and some cities in Saitama Prefecture.

JR Keihin-Tohoku and Negishi Line

Keihin-Tohoku Line runs along Tokaido Line between Tokyo and Yokohama. Then it runs through the east part of Yokohama city between Yokohama and Ofuna, and the zone is called "Negishi Line".

Negishi Line runs through Kan'nai and Ishikawacho stations, and around the stations there are the popular spots such as Chinatown (Chukagai), Yamashita Park and Motomachi.

Basically the trains on this line are all local, so you had better get on trains on Tokaido Line between Tokyo area and Yokohama.

JR Yokohama Line

Yokohama Line is a branch line, and it branches off at Higashi-Kanagawa station on Keihin-Tohoku Line.
The station is the next station of Yokohama.

On the line, there is Shin-Yokohama station on Shinkansen.
If you reach the station by Shinkansen, transfer to the train on the Yokohama Line.
It leads to Yokohama station and Negishi Line.

But the train to Higashi-Kanagawa sometimes comes.
If you have caught such train unfortunately, transfer to the train on Keihin-Tohoku Line at Higashi-Kanagawa again.

Keikyu Line (Keihin Kyuko)

Keikyu is a railroad company, and the main line starts from Shinagawa, passes through Kawasaki, Yokohama and Yokosuka, and reach Misakiguchi near the tip of Miura peninsula.
The travel time of the limited express between Shinagawa and Yokohama is about the same as JR Tokaido Line.

Keikyu Line is one of the access routes to Haneda Airport.
So if you reach there by airplane, this railroad is very useful.

Tokyu (Tokyo Kyuko) Toyoko Line

Tokyu is also a railroad company.
Toyoko Line is one of its main lines, and it connects Shibuya and Yokohama.
And all trains run into Minatomirai Line (formally, Yokohama Minatomirai Railway) which leads to Motomachi-Chukagai station.
It runs just under the popular areas such as Minato Mirai 21 area and Yamashita Park, so it is very convenient.

Enoden (Enoshima Electric Railway)

Enoden is the nickname of Enoshima Electric Railway, and connects Kamakura and Fujisawa cities.
It is like streetcar, but it runs through the historic city Kamakura, the sunny Shonan coast and Enoshima, so it is very popular for visitors. .

Odakyu Line

Odakyu is also a railroad company.
The terminal station is Shinjuku, and two main lines run in Kanagawa Prefecture.
One leads to Odawara city and Hakone-Yumoto, which is a hot spring resort at the entrance to Hakone area.
The other leads to Fujisawa city and Katase-Enoshima.
On both lines, the limited expresses from Shinjuku are operated.

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