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Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is an amusement complex with aquarium, attractions, hotel and commercial facilities.
It is on Hakkeijima which is an artificial island located about 15 km south of Yokohama station, and was opened in 1993.

It has besically four main parts.
They are "Aqua Museum" (the large aquarium),"Dolphin Fantasy" (the aquarium of dolphins), "Fureai Lagoon" (the aquarium that we can see ot touch marine life up close), and "Pleasure Land" (the amusement park).
And in the island, there are "Restaurant Plaza" (some restaurants) and "Bay Market" (various shops).

We can enter this island at no fee.
And we pay the fare at each facility. Of course, one-day tickets and various discount tickets are sold there.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise official website

How to get to here

  1. Get off at Shin-Sugita station on JR Negishi Line. About 20 minutes from Yokohama.
  2. Change to Seaside Line at Shin-Sugita station. About 18 minutes to Hakkeijima station.
  3. About 5 minutes walk to the island.

Bridge to Hakkeijima
Aqua Museum in Hakkeijima
Surf Coaster in Pleasure Land
Bay Market in Hakkeijima Seaside area on Hakkeijima
Scenery of Hakkeijima in the evening Seaside Line

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