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Mount Ibuki

Mount IbukiMount Ibuki mapMount Ibuki is the mountain on the border between Gifu Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture.
The height is 1,377 meters, and the top is on the Shiga side.

Along the south foot, Tokaido Shinkansen and Meishin Expressway run, and this area is the important traffic route connecting Tokai District and Kansai District.
We can see the mountain from a Shinkansen window between Gifu-Hashima and Maibara stations.

This mountain was an undersea volcano tens of million years ago.
The coral reefs of the period made the good-quality limestone. So a large amount of limestone has been quarried and we can see the distinct quarried land on the west mountainside.

This mountain is known for the field of various wild flowers including some alpine plants.
We can see them on almost every mountainside.

Most visitors climb to the top by route bus or car through a toll road "Ibukiyama Driveway".
The total length is about 17 km, and the entrance is at the southeaste foot of the mountain.
The end of the road is on the 9th station (1,266 meters high), and three walking trails to the top are set up.

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. From Nagoya by rapid train on JR Tokaido Line, about 30 minutes to Oogaki, about 45-48 minutes to Sekigahara.
  2. By route bus, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Oogaki station, about 50 minutes from Sekigahara station.
    This route buses are operated from April to early November. And the buses from Oogaki are operated until 10:00, and the other buses start from Sekigahara.

By car

Run on Meishin Expressway, and exit at Sekigahara Exit.
Then run about 3 km and enter the Ibukiyama Driveway.

Mount Ibuki
Mount Ibuki and Tokaido Shinkansen Ibukiyama Driveway
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Field of flowers on the top of the mountain

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