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JR Line network in Osaka

Map of JR in Osaka Osaka has a loop line of JR like Tokyo.
And some lines run to surrounding main cities in Kansai area from a few stations on the loop line.
Many trains run frequently on each line.

The main terminals are Osaka station on the northen part and Ten'noji station on the southern part.

The station of Shinkansen, Shin-osaka is on Kyoto Line, and it is the next station of Osaka station.

JR West official website

Osaka-Kanjosen /1/

Osaka-KanjosenIt is a loop line running in the heart of Tokyo, and most of main area is inside the line.
The total length is about 22 km, and it has 19 stations. It takes about 45 minutes to go around the whole line.

On Yamanote loop line in Tokyo, all trains stops all stations.
But on Osaka-Kanjosen, the trains to other lines through Osaka and Ten'noji run among the looping local train. And some of them pass through some stations.
So you need to check the destination of coming train.

The trains are operated from around 5:00 to past 24:00.

Kyoto Line and Kobe Line /2/

Kyoto Line and Kobe LineKyoto Line and Kobe Line are the nickname of Tokaido Line.
The part from Osaka toward Kyoto is Kyoto Line, and the part from Osaka toward Kobe is Kobe Line.
All trains run through Osaka between both lines.

This line has two lanes. One is for local train and another is for rapid train and limited express. Both lanes run side-by-side.
By local train, it takes about 50 minutes to Kyoto, about 40 minutes to Kobe from Osaka.
By rapid train, it takes about 29-43 minutes to Kyoto, about 27-32 minutes to Kobe from Osaka.
Shin-Osaka is the next station of Osaka, and it takes about 4 minutes by both local train and rapid train.

Tozai Line and Gakken-toshi Line /3/

Tozai line and Gakken-toshi Line Tozai Line is a line between Kyobashi and Amagasaki, and whole lines run underground.
Kita-Shinchi station is about 300 meters south of Osaka station.

Gakken-toshi Line leads to the eastern suburb of Osaka city.

The trains run through Kyobashi and Kita-Shinchi on both lines. And some trains enter Kobe Line or Fukuchiyama Line at amagasaki station.

Kansai Line /4/

Kansai LineKansai Line leads to Nara from Ten'noji.
It takes about 55 minutes by local train and about 33 minutes by rapid train.

On this line, two kinds of trains run on the operating route.
One is the train starting from JR Nanba station. It runs through Ten'noji to Nara.
Another is the train starting from Ten'noji. This train first runs on Osaka-Kanjosen in the counterclockwise direction, and returns to Ten'noji again, then it enters Kansai Line.
So we can get the train to Nara at the main station on Osaka-Kanjosen.

Hanwa Line /5/

Hanwa LineHanwa Line leads to Kansai-Kuukou (Kansai International Airport) and Wakayama from Ten'noji.
By rapid train, it takes about 45 minutes to Kansai-kuukou and about 65 minutes to Wakayama.
By local train, it takes nearly 2 hours from Ten'noji to Wakayama.

Like Kansai Line, some trains enter Hanwa Line at Ten'noji after running on Osaka-Kanjosen.
And from Kyoto, the limited express "Haruka" to Kansai International Airport run through Osaka, the west half of Osaka-Kanjosen and Ten'noji. Additionally, from Ten'noji, the limited express "Kuroshio" to southern Wakayama Prefecture run.

Yumesaki Line /6/

Yumesaki LineIt is a short line branching from Nishi-Kujo on Osaka-Kanjosen.
On this line, there is Universal-city station. It is the station in front of the entrance of the popular theme park, Universal Studios Japan.

Rapid train in Kansai area
Kyoto Line / Kobe Line
Kansai Laine
Hanwa Line
Yumesaki Line
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