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Railroads other than JR and subway

Railroad companies in OsakaJR is the countrywide corporate group which was originally a national railroad.
And there are five railroad companies around Osaka other than JR.

They are Hankyu, Hanshin, Nankai, Kintetsu and Keihan.
Each railroad leads to surrounding cities from Osaka.

The terminals of Hankyu and Hanshin are at JR Osaka station, but the names of the stations are "Umeda".

At Nanba, the terminals of Kintetsu, Nankai and Hanshin are gathered. Kintetsu and Hanshin are connected.

To Kyoto, we can use Hankyu and Keihan.
Hankyu leads to the central area of Kyoto.
Keihan leads to the east area along Kamo River.

To Kobe, we can use Hankyu and Hanshin.
Both lines run in parallel with JR Kobe Line.

To Kansai International Airport, we can use Nankai.
Both JR and Nankai operate the limited expresses, and it takes about 35-40 minutes from central Osaka.

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Train of Hankyu
Train of Hanshin
Train of Keihan
Limited express of Kintetsu
Nankai Limited express to Kansai International Airport
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