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Kyoto Cuisine

Kyoto Cuisine is a category of Japanese Cuisine.

Kyoto is inland, and the city is surrounded on three sides by mountains.
Then it had been difficult to get fresh fishes.
On the other hand, Kyoto had been the capital and there are many people of high status such as imperial family and noble families.
So the cooking using vegitables produced around Kyoto and soy products (tofu, yuba) with various cooking skills had developed.

The cuisine is laced with imperial cuisine, Buddhist cuisine, Kaiseki (cuisine from tea ceremony) and Obanzai (daily foods of Kyoto citizens).
The cooking uses the freshness of the ingredients and its natural taste, and the dishes are arranged beautifully.
And the taste is very bland.

Most of used vegitables are produced around Kyoto.
And the kinds of the vegitables has been only in Kyoto area. They are unique a little in taste and shape in comparison with general vegitables produced across the country.

The dishes using tofu and yuba are popular as Kyoto cuisine.
Tofu in Kyoto is made with soft groundwater, so it is mild and tasty.
Yuba is a skin produced on the surface of boiled soy milk. (Along with Kyoto, yuba in Nikko is famous.)
As a popular dish in Kyoto, "Yudofu" (simply boiled tofu) is well-known.

In former days, it was difficult to get various fishes in Kyoto, but "hamo" (pike eel) has been a valuable fish in summer.
The fish is like eel with sharp teeth. And the life force is strong, so hamo had been carried alive from sea to Kyoto.
The taste is bland.
Hamo dishes are most popular cuisine in summer.

Yudofu Hamo

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