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Convenient tickets to tour around Kyoto

The method touring around Kyoto is mainly route bus.
We can visit most of the sightssing spots by route bus.
But it is often crowded or gets struck in a jam. So you should use subway in the central area and Keihan Line in the easten area wisely.

The fare of bus is 220 yen equally in the central area. (The fare for a child is 110 yen.)
The fare of subway is 210-340 yen.
If you plan to use these transportations several times a day in Kyoto, the following tickets are worthy of consideration.

Ticket name Outline Duration Adult fare Child fare
City Bus All-day Pass It is the ticket for only Municipal bus.
It is unavailable for the route bus of Kyoto Bus company.
We can tour around moust of the spots in the central area.
1 day 500 250
Kyoto Sightseeing One-day Pass Card It is the ticket for Municipal bus and subway, and Kyoto Bus company.
We can tour not only central area but also Ohara and Arashiyama.
1 day 1,200 600
Kyoto Sightseeing Two-day Pass Card It is the ticket like above, but we can use it for two days 2 days
2,000 1,000
Traffica Kyoto Card It is the prepaid card for Municipal bus and subway.
The card of 1,000 yen worthes of 1,100 yen, and the card of 3,000 yen worthes of 3,300 yen.
There are the cards for both adult and child.
When you stay for several days, it is convenient.
No limit
Kansai Thru Pass
(Surutto Kansai)
It is the prepaid card for most of railroads and bus companies in Kansai area.
So when you tour around Kansai area widely, it is convenient because you can travel with only this card.
It is no reduction.
2 days
3 days

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