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Various other transportation in Kobe


CITY LOOP is the route bus connecting most sightseeing spots in Kobe and main stations.

The main stations where the bus stops are Shin-Kobe station of Shinkansen and San'nomiya station.
The bus stops at the followings as the main spots.
Nankinmachi - Meriken Park - Harborland - Kyu-kyoryuchi - Kitano

Every day, 3-5 services an hour are operated. So it is very convenient to tour around Kobe city.
The fare is 250 yen at one time.
One day ticket is 650 yen, and has the discount service of the entrance fee to various sightseeing spots, museums and cruising boats.

Regular sightseeing bus

Regular sightseeing buses touring around main spots in Kobe are operated every day.
Most of the buses starts from San'nomiya, and some kinds of tours are set up.
The fare is 3,000-5,000 yen in half-day tour, and 7,000-8,000 yen in one-day tour.

Kobe Port cruising

Kobe Port is a historic one, so the cruising around the port is one of the sightseeing events.
Some shipping companies operate the crusing with their favorite ships.

Most of them leave from the pier near Port Tower in Meriken Park.
The cruising in Kobe Port takes about 45 minutes, and the fare is 1,000-1,200 yen.

And a few ships visit Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge located about 20 km west of Kobe.
It takes about 1.5-2 hours, and the fare is 2,100-3,150 yen.
They are almost the cruising with lunch or dinner, and there is the case that the meal is extra of charge.

  • Fantasy (Kobe Sea Bus) : 45 minutes, 1,200 yen. It also goes under the bridge to Kobe Airport.
  • Ocean Prince (Kobe Bay Cruise Co.) : 45 minutes, 1,000 yen. The ship looks like a sail boat.
  • Royal Princess (Kobe Bay Cruise Co.) : 45 minutes, 1,000 yen The ship is the largest treasure boat in Kansai.
  • Villaggio Italia (Kobe Resort Line Co.) : 40 minutes , 1,000 yen. The ship looks like a pirate ship.
  • Luminous Kobe 2 (Luminous Cruising Co.) : 90-140 minutes, 2,100-3,150 yen. It goes to Akashi Channel. Seven gorgeous restautants are in the ship.
  • Concerto (Kobe Concerto Co.) : 90-105 minutes, 2,100 yen. It goes to Akashi Channel. Seven gorgeous restautants are in the ship. Deluxe Chinese resurant is in the ship.

Ocean Prince
Royal Princess
Villaggio Italia Luminous Kobe 2 Concerto

Splash KobeSplash Kobe

It is a unique Japan's first amphibious bus.

It runs from Meriken Park, through Kyu-kyoryuchi, San'nomiya, Kitano, Nankinmachi, to Harborland.
Then it goes into Kobe Port at Harborland and moves on the sea for about 20 minutes.
It goes on land again, and comes back to Meriken Park.

It takes about 80 minutes in all.
We cannot get off the bus while running.
The fare is expensive a little, and is 3,000 yen.

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