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Nojima Fault Presevation Museum

Nojima Fault Presevation MuseumNojima Fault Preservation Museum is located in Awaji city in Awaji Island.
It is near the northwest coast of the island, and is located about 10 km southwest of the north end of the island.

The Great Hanshin Earthquake occured at 5:46 a.m. on January 17th, 1995.
It caused considerable damage mainly in the south part of Hyogo Prefecture.
The eartquake caused 6,434 deaths and injured 43,792 people. And about 640 thousand houses was detroyed.
The number of deaths was the highest since in the postwar period.

It was centered at the north end of Awaji Island, at a depth of 16 kilometers. It had the magnitude of 7.3 (Japan Meteorological Agency scale).
An active fault runs from the northwest coast, through Kobe city, to Itami city at the north of Osaka city.
Because the fault shifted, this great earthquake was occured.

When the earthquake occured, the real fault appeared on the surface of the ground at Nojima district in Awaji city. Two parts of the ground slipped about 1-2 meters each other, and one part raised 0.5-1.2 meters.

Then this fault was designated as a natural monument.
And the museum has been built on a part of the fault.

In the museum, we can see the real fault about 140 meters long.
And many photos and restored models about the earthquake are displayed.
Additionally, we can experience the same quake as the Great Hanshin Earthquake in a model room.

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. By JR San'yo Line, get off at Akashi station. About 16 minutes by rapid train, about 24 minutes by local train, from San'nomiya.
  2. Walk to Akashi Port. It takes about 15 minutes from Akashi station.
  3. Go across Akashi Channel to Awaji Island (Iwaya Port).
    About 13 minutes by high-speed boat (Jenova Line).
    About 25 minutes by ferry (Taco Ferry).
    Each boarding point is about 300 meters away at Akashi Port.
  4. By route bus to Tsuna-ko, get off at Shinsai-kinenkoen-mae stop.
    About 22 minutes from Iwaya Port.

The museum
The monument for the earthquake victims
The real fault
Cross-section of the fault
This house survived miraculously near the fault.
The dining room after the earthquake

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