Japan Travel Guide - Let's go to Japan!
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Let's travel around Japan!

Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido,.. There are many nice spots in Japan.
Onsen, ryokan, sushi, kimono,..
You can experience Japanese culture and foods.
Please check this website as a travel guide and visit Japan!

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Map of JapanHokkaidoSapporoSendaiNikkoTokyoHakoneMt.FujiNagoyaHiroshimaOkinawaFukuokaOsakaKyotoTakayama Popular Tourist Destination

Other tourist spots

Stay know-how in Japan Interesting Japan

Outline of Japan

What to see and do in Japan?

Time difference

Money, Credit card

Experience Japanese style ryokan.

Phone, Mail, Electoric plug

Dependable services
Convenience store,Depachika, Koban etc.

Japanese customs to follow

Your safety in Japan
You may experience earthquake, typhoon...What should you do?

Beautiful traditional Japanese cloth.

Popular Japanese food.

Sashimi, Sukiyaki, Tenpura...
Various Japanese cuisine.

Udon, Soba, Ramen...
Japanese popular noodles.

Gorgeous Japanese full dinner.

Religion in Japan
Buddhism and Shintoism.

Japan's bullet train.

Japanese traditional performing art.

Traditional wrestling in Japan.

Tea Ceremony

Young Geisha in Kyoto.

Japanese name
Unique and diverse names of Japanese people.

Japanese language
Unique language in the world.

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