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Time difference between Japan and your country

Japan has only one standard time.

Akashi city in the west of Kobe is at longitude 135 degrees east, so the time is the Japan Standard Time and gains 9 hours from Greenwich mean time.

Japan doesn't adopt daylight saving time at present.
There are few positive opinions to adopt it, because it doesn't fit in well with Japanese life customs.

Below table shows the time difference between Japan and main countries.
Move your clock forward if plus or backward if minus.
If your country is on daylight-saving time, move the clock backward more one hour.

Time difference (hour) Main Countries and Areas
-3 New Zealand, Fiji
-2 East Australia (Sydney, Melbourn), Far East Russia (Vladivostok)
±0 South Korea
+1 China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Philippins, Singapore, Malaysia, West Australia (Perth)
+2 Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, West Indonesia (Java Island)
+2h30m Myanmar
+3 East Kazakhstan
+3h15m Nepal
+3h30m India, Sri Lanka
+4 Pakistan, Uzbekistan
+5 West Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates
+5h30m Iran
+6 Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenia, Tanzania, West Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg)
+7 Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Baltic states, Uklaina
+8 Hungary, Czech, Poland, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Tunisia, Nigeria
+9 United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Morocco
+12 East Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo), Argentina
+13 Chili
+14 Peru, Cuba, Jamaica, East area in United Stats & Canada
+15 Central area in United Stats & Canada, Central Mexico
+16 Mountain area in United States & Canada
+17 West coast area in United States & Canada
+18 Alaska
+19 Hawaii