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Takayama city

Takayama cityTakayama city mapTakayama city is a central city of Hida area, and is located about 100 km north-northeast of Gifu city. It is about 550 meters above sea level.
It has the old town since the 17th century, so it is called "Little Kyoto in Hida". The town name is often introduced as "Hida-Takayama".

There was a town in this area in ancient times.
In the 7-8th centuries, many Buddhist temple were built in Takayama.
Around 1600, Takayama Castle were built, and the town also was constructed in a systematic manner.

At the end of the 17th century, the lord of the castle were moved. Then here became a government-ruled town. Takayama Castle was demolished and an office of Edo Government were set up instead.
Therefore, Takayama became the town of common people rather than samurai.

So rich marchants made the gorgeous cultures such as Takayama Festival. But they had posessed a moderation, so many sedate houses were built.
The old town has been kept until now without large natural disasters and war damage.

Miya River flows through the city from north to south.
The historic town is on the east side.
To the west of the river, there is the new town and JR Takayama station.

The historic town is about 500 meters from north to south and about 200 meters from east to west in width.
And three main streets run parallel from north to south.
The names of the districts along the streets are Ichinomachi (1st town), Ninomachi (2nd town) and Sannomachi (3rd town).
And the name of southern half part has a prefix "Kami", and the name of northern half part has a prefix "Shimo".
The whole town is called "Sancho" (menas "Tree towns"). The district with the most historic buildings is Kami-Sannomachi.

Most of the houses in Sancho are marchant's ones.
And there are several sake breweries in this area. From mid-January to early March, one of them opens its own brewery to the visitors in turns. Of course, we can enjoy the tasting of new sake.

There are hills to the northeast and southeast of the town. Takayama castle was on the southeast hill.
And about a dozen Buddhist temples line between the hills. They were built to the east of the main area like Higashiyama in Kyoto.
So it is called "Higashiyama Teramachi".

On the street along Miya River to the west of Shimo-Sannomachi, Miyagawa Morning Market is opened in the morning every day.
Many stalls sell vegitables, fruits, pickles, flowers or folk crafts.
And Jin'ya Morning Market is opened around the gate of Takayama Jin'ya.

To tour around the historic area, walking or rental bicycle is enough.
Taking a sightseeing rickshaw is also a good idea. But it is expensive a little. (5,000-7,500 yen per 30 minutes (2 or 3 seats))
Route bus runs about once per an hour. It is available to visit surrounding area of Takayama.

Hida Takayama : Takayama city official website (To enter the page of other languages, see this page.)
Nohi Bus official website : A bus company opearating many routes around Takayama

Main sightseeing spots in Takayama

  • Nakabashi bridge /1/ : A bridge across Miya River near Kami-Sannomachi. The scenery is the symbol of Takayama.
  • Takayama Jin'ya /2/ : The office of Edo Government. It was built in the late 17th century, and was rebuilt in 1816. It had been used as an office of Gifu Prefecture until 1969.
  • Takayama City Memorial Hall /3/ : The hall with a museum introducing the history of government of Takayama city. The building had been the former city hall built in 1895.
  • Fujii Art Museum /4/ : A museum of antique art and old folk craft.
  • Takayama Local History Museum /5/ : A museum displaying various historic articles in Hida area.
  • Shiroyama Park /6/ : The park on a hill. There was Takayama Castle in the 17th century. It is an observatory.
  • Hie Shrine /7/ : The shrine of the south part of old town. Annual San'nou Festival is the Takayama Festival in spring.
  • Matsumoto Heritage House /8/ : The valuable house built in 1826. It is the original building which had avoided the great city fire in 1875.
  • Hida Tenmanguu shrine /9/ : The shrine in the 8th century. It had been devastated, but it was rebuilt in 1645. The god of academic achievements, Michizane Sugawra has been enshrined.
  • Hida Kokubunji temple /10/  : The Buddhist temple founded in 757. Many buildings in the temple are designated as national important cultural properties.
  • Kusakabe Folk Museum /11/ : The old Kusakabe House rebuilt in 1879 after the great city fire. Kusakabe family was one of the wealthy merchants. the livingwares in that times are displyed.
  • Yoshijima Heritage House /12/ : The old house of a sake brewery. It was destroyed by fire in 1875, and was rebuilt in 1905.
  • Sakurayama Hachimanguu shrine /13/ : The shrine of the north part of old town. Annual Hachiman Festival is the Takayama Festival in autumn.
  • Takayama Yatai Kaikan /14/ : The museum of the gorgeous floats using in Hachiman Festival.
    The 11 floats are usually stored in the warehouses in the town. But four of them are exhibited here by rotation.
  • Takayama betsuin temple (Shorenji) /15/ : The big Buddhist temple founded in 1253 and removed here in 1588. The curreny building was rebuilt in 1964.
  • Hida-no-sato (Hida Folk Village) /16/ : The theme park of the folk culture in Hida area. Some old farm houses has been removed here, and traditional weaving and producing of artcrafts are demonstrated.
    It is about 2 km southwest of Takayama station.
Scenic or Nature / Park or Garden / Resort / City, Town or Village / Quarter or Street /
Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
Other Building or Construction / Historic place / Remains / World Heritage Site

How to get to here

By railroad

From Nagoya, By JR limited express "Hida", about 2 hour and 15-35 minutes.

By car

Run on Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway, and exit at Hida-Kiyomi Exit. About 140 km from central Nagoya.
From there, about 20 km to Takayama.

Historic town in Takayama
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
A restaurant in an old house
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Sightseeing rickshaw
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Morning Market
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
A brewery in Takayama
Photo byTakayama City
Tasting of new sake
Photo byTakayama City
Takayama Festival
Photo by Nihon-rettou okinijiman
Higashiyama Teramachi
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Photo byTakayama City
Nakabashi in winter
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Takayama Jin'ya
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Main office of Takayama Jin'ya
Photo by Railstation.net
Takayama City Memorial Hall
Photo byTakayama City
Fujii Art Museum
Takayama Local History Museum
Photo byTakayama City
Shiroyama Park
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
A view of Takayama city from Shiroyama Park
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Hie Shrine
Matsumoto Haritage House
Photo byTakayama City
Hida Tenmanguu Shrine
Hida Kokubunji temple Kusakabe Folk Museum
Photo byTakayama City
Yoshijima Heritage House
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Sakurayama Hachimanguu Shrine
Takayama Yatai Kaikan
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Takayama Betsuin temple
Photo byTakayama City
Inside of a house
Photo byTakayama City

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