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Domestic Flights in Japan

About domestic flights in Japan

The land area of Japan is not so large, but it is slender and long.
And Japan has many remote islands.

So the intercity distances are relatively long.
In the result, many domestic lines are set.

The domestic airport in Tokyo is "Haneda Airport", and "Narita International Airport" has some domestic lines.
The one in Osaka is "Itami Airport", and "Kansai International Airport" has some domestic lines.
The one in Nagoya is both "Centrair" and "Nagoya Airport".

Haneda Airport

Map of Narita International airport Haneda Airport is in the south area of Tokyo.
It is most biggest domestic airport in Japan, and many flights to the cities around Japan arrive and depart.
And it became an international airport of Tokyo, so it is very convenient to travel Tokyo and Japan.

The nickname of the airport terminal is "Big Bird".

Big Bird (Haneda Airport) official website

To Haneda airport, there are two methods.


The "Tokyo Monorail" goes direct to the airport.
It departs from JR Hamamatsu-cho station in central Tokyo and takes about 20-25 minutes to thr airport.

Tokyo Monorail


"Keihin-kyuko(Keikyu) Line" (a private railroad company) goes to the airport.
It departs from JR Shinagawa station.
Get on the train for Haneda Airport. It takes about 20 minutes.

Keikyu Web, Worldwide Page

Itami Airport

Map of Itemi Airport Itami Airport is in Itami city to the north of Osaka.

The official name of this airport is "Osaka International Airport", but the role as an international airport has moved to "Kansai International Airport", so this airport have only the domestic flights.
Therefore, we generally call this airport "Itami Airport" after the city name.

This airport has many domestic lines after Haneda Airport.

Itami Airport official website

The most popular method to airport is use of a subway and a monorail.

"Midosuji Line"(subway) leads to Senri-chuo through the main stations in Osaka city.
Umeda (JR Osaka station), Shin-Osaka(Shinkansen station), Shinsaibashi, Nanba, and so on.
(The name of this line changes to "Kita Osaka Kyuko Line" on the way.)

From Senri-chuo, it takes 12 minutes to the airport by "Osaka Monorail".

Another method is use of Takarazuka line of Hankyu Railway.
The terminal station is Umeda at the same place as JR Osaka station.
So when you go from there, it is convenient.
It takes about 14 minutes from Umeda to Hotarugaike station, and get on Osaka Monorail at Hotarugaike.

Osaka Monorail
Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau
Hankyu Railway official website

Centrair and Nagoya Airport

Map of Centrair and Nagoya Airport "Centrair (Chubu International Airport)" is an international airport And it is a domestic airport, too.
But the former international airport is used as a domestic airport "Nagoya Airport".
It has the flights of the destinations except which Centrair has the flights of.

You can go to this airport only by bus.
It takes 20-25 minutes from Nagoya station, and takes 70-80 minutes from Centrair.

Central Japan International Airport Centrair
Nagoya Airport

Other airports in Japan

Japan is not so large, but there are about 80 airports which passengers can use in Japan.
Japan has 47 prefectures, and 38 prefectures of them have one or a few airports.

Especially, Haneda, Itami and Chubu aitports have many flights to the various areas in Japan.
By using these flights, you can travel various regions in Japan speedily.

The airline companies operating domestic flights

Several airline companies are operating domestic flights in Japan.

The main airline companies are "Japan Airlines"(JAL) and "All Nippon Airways"(ANA), and these are operating international flights.
These two companies cover most of domestic lines in Japan, and have some subsidiary companies which have the lines to small local airports and remote islands.

In addition to this, there are some ow-cost airlines (LCC).
Each of have only a few lines.
The advantage of these companies is cheaper fare than JAL and ANA, but their business are tough by the usage restriction of airport and government regulations.

Japan Airlines (JAL)
All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Skymark Airlines (SKY)
Air DO (ADO) 
Peach Aviation
Vanilla Air
Solaseed Air

(Foreign-capitalized LCC)
Jetstar : From Australia
AirAsia Japan : From Malaysia

The flight time from main airports

from Haneda from Centrair from Itami
to Shin-Chitose 1h30m to Shin-Chitose 1h40m to Shin-Chitose 1h45m
to Akita 1h05m to Akita 1h10m to Yamagata 1h20m
to Komatsu 1h05m to Sendai 1h10m to Sendai 1h10m
to Itami 1h10m to Niigata 0h50m to Haneda 1h05m
to Hiroshima 1h25m to Matsuyama 1h10m to Niigata 1h05m
to Fukuoka 1h50m to Fukuoka 1h25m to Matsuyama 0h55m
to Kagoshima 1h50m to Kagoshima 1h30m to Fukuoka 1h15m
to Naha 2h45m to Naha 2h25m to Naha 2h15m

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