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Gifu city

Gifu cityGifu city mapGifu city is the prefectural capital of Gifu Prefecture, and is located at the south end of Gifu Prefecture.
It is located about 30 km north-northwest of Nagoya.

Nagara River (Nagaragawa in Japanese) flows through the city, and is known as a clear river.
Nagaragawa Promenade is set up along the river, and many people play on the riverside in summer.
And Ukai in Nagara River is famous.

Experience Beautiful Gifu : Gifu Convention and Visitors Bureau official website

Gifu Castle /1/

Gifu Castle It is a castle located about 3.5 km northeast of Gifu station, and is at the top of Mount Kinka (329 meters high).

The first castle was built in 1201, and the main castle was built in the 1530s.
Since that, this castle had been involved in the power struggle by the warlords around this area, and the lords of the castle changed frequently.
And after the foundation of Edo Government, Ieyasu Tokugawa, the Shogun, demolished this castle in 1601.

In 1910, this castle was restored as a historic construction.
But 1943, the castle had been detroyed by fire, and current castle was rebuilt in 1956.

There is an observatory room in the castle.
To the castle, we can reach by Kinkazan Ropeway from Gifu Park.

Gifu Park /2/

Gifu Park It is a park at the western foot of Mount Kinka, and the station of ropeway to Gifu Castle is in this park.
There are some museums, Chinese garden and facilities.
And there is the ruin of Nobunaga Oda's residence, one of the strong warlords, and the gate and garden of those days are recreated.

Gifu Daibutsu /3/

Gifu Daibutsu It is a great Buddha statue in Shohoji temple to the Gifu Park.
It was completed in 1832, and it took 38 years to complete. The height is 13.7 meters.
The skeleton was made of woods, then the shape of the statue was formed by bamboos.
On the shape, Mino-washi papers with Buddhist scriptures written on it were coated, and it was covered with many gold leaves after laquering.

Ukai-no-sato /4/

Ukai-no-sato It is the riverside area where the Ukai fishermen are living. It is across Nagara River just from Mount Kinka. Nagaragawa Promenade is set up here.

There are several Ukai fisherman's houses in the town.
But they are not the sightseeing spots but normal houses. In each yard, perhaps, there is a birdhouse for cormorants, and the goods for Ukai fishing are put. When you walk the town, you may find the houses.
If you find a fisherman there fortunately, he may show them to you.

Ukai in Nagara River /5/

Ukai in Nagara River It is a tour to see the Ukai fishing, and is held from May 15th to October 15th every year. Ukai fishing is held in the evening.
A fisherman on a boat manages 12 cormorants with a rope, and they swallow the fish lured with the light of flame in the river. Then the fisherman get the fish from the cormorants.
Visitors board a pleasure boat. The boats leave at 18:15, 18:45 and 19:15. And Ukai fishing starts at 19:30.
We can see Ukai near the fishermen's boats. It takes about an hour.

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How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. By local train or rapid train on JR Tokaido Line, about 18-26 minutes from Nagoya to Gifu.
    Or by limited express on Meitetsu Line, anout 28-32 minutes from Meitetsu-Nagoya to meitetsu-Gifu. about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Tokyo, about 36 minutes from Kyoto.
  2. From Gifu or Meitetsu-Gifu station, by route bus, about 15 minutes to Gifu-koen stop (Gifu Castle, Gifu Park, Gifu Daibutsu), about 16 minutes to Nagara-bashi (Ukai seeing), about 17 minutes to Ukaiya (Ukai-no-sato).

Gifu Castle and Nagara River
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Gifu Castle
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Gifu Park
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Kinkazan Ropeway
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Ruin of Nobunaga Oda's residence
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Recreated Japanese garden
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Shohoji temple
Photo by Gifu City
Gifu Daibutsu
Photo by Gifu City
Nagaragawa Promenade
Photo by Gifu City
Ukai fisherman and his cormorants
Photo by Gifu City
Boarding point of boats for Ukai seeing
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Ukai seeing boat
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Ukai in Nagara River
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation
Ukai fisherman and visitors
Photo by Gifu Prefecture Tourist Federation

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