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Tsumago and Magome post stations

Tsumago and Magome post stationsTsumago and Magome map Tsumago post station ("Tsumago-juku" in Japanese) and Magome post station ("Magome-juku" in Japanese) are located near the border between Nagano and Gifu Prefectures and in Kiso Valley.
The distance between both post stations is about 8 km, and there is a mountain pass between them.
(Tsumago is in Nagano Prefecture, and Magome is in Gifu Prefecture.)

In Edo Period (1603-1867), two main routes were set up between Edo (current Tokyo) and Kyoto.
The coastal route was "Tokaido" and the inland route was "Nakasendo".
These post stations were on Nakasendo.

Both post stations are very popular as the traditional street with old Japanese buildings.
The scenery of Tsumago has been preserved by the people of this region, then it has been designated as a national conservation district of traditional buildings since 1976.
Magome was destroyed by fire in 1895 and 1915, but the buildings were restored.

Along the main street, there are many old buildings.
Most of them are souvenir shops, restaurants and inns. A few buildings are museums.

From Nagiso station on JR Chuo Line, they are operated through Tsumago to Magome.
And from Nakatsugawa station, the route bus to Magome is operated.

How to get to here

By railroad and route bus

  1. From Shinjuku to Shiojiri, about 2 hours and 25-40 minutes by JR limited express "Azusa". Then from Shiojiri, about 1 hour and 25-40 minutes to Nagiso by local train, about 1 hour and 5-10 minutes to Nakatsugawa by JR limited express "Shinano".
    From Nagoya, about 50 minutes to Nakatsugawa by limited express "Shinano". From Nakatsugawa to Nagiso, about 18 minutes by local train.
  2. From Nagiso station, about 7 minutes to Tsumago, about 35 minutes to Magome by route bus.
    From Nakatsugawa station, about 25 minutes to Magome by route bus.

By car

Run on Chuo Expressway, and exit Nakatsugawa exit. From there, about 14 km to Magome, about 22 km to Tsumago.

Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Tsumago at twilight
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
Tsumago in spring
Photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
An inn in Tsumago
A shop in Tsumago In Tsumago
Magome Magome
Magome Magome in the evening

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