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Soup of Japanese cooking

Miso soup

Miso soup of shiro-misoMiso soup ("Misoshiru" in Japanese) is a daily essential in Japan. When we eat rice, miso soup certainly is served.
This is the Japanese essential taste, so when Japanese travellers go abroad, they almost miss the taste within a few days over there.

Miso soup is made by mixing miso with dashi. And a few kind of foods are added in it.
Added foods are generally tofu, abura-age, fu, wakame, green onion, hakusai, spinach, daikon and other vegitables. Additionally mashrooms, shells, egg and so on are commonly used.
Usually, one or two kinds among these foods are used.

Miso soup of aka-miso There are two main types of miso.
They are shiro-miso (white miso) and aka-miso (red miso).

Commonly, we make miso soup of shiro-miso.

Miso soup of aka-miso is called "aka-dashi", and we sometimes find at some restaurants.
It has saltier taste and better body than soup of shiro-miso.
It seems that the people around Nagoya or Kyoto make aka-dashi at home more frequently than other regions.

Miso sopu is inseparably related to the Japanese meal.
But miso has the flavor of fermented food and dashi has the flavor of fish. So some foreigners dislike miso soup.


Suimono"Suimono" is the clear soup without miso. In other word, it is only dashi soup.
Therefore, it is very important to use tasty dashi.

The taste is sophisticated, so generally it is served on auspicious occasions.

Other popular soup


"Tonjiru" means pork soup.
Sliced pork is added to miso soup. In addition, kon'nyaku and various vegitables such as gobou (burdock), satoimo (Japanese taro), carrot, etc. are added.
Pork and many foods are in the soup, so this is served not only as soup but also as one of main dish.


Kenchinjiru is also a soup with many foods.
Tofu, kon'nyaku, daikon, carrot, burdock and satoimo (Japanese taro) are fried with sesame oil, and they are boiled in the soup of dashi, shoyu and salt.
This is the soup without miso, and originally one of vegetarian dish.


Ushiojiru is very simple clear soup, and is a kind of suimono.
It is made by boiling fresh fish or shells in water and adding a little salt.
We can taste the pure flavor of fish.

Tonjiru Kanchinjiru Ushiojiru

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