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Japanese snack dishes

There are some kinds of snack dishes in addition to various traditional dishes in Japan.
Representative dishes are okonomiyaki and takoyaki.


Okonimiyaki is Japanese-style pancake containing vegetables and other foodstuff.
Okonimi means "what you like" or "what you want", and yaki means "grilled" or "cooked".

There are many small restaurants for okonomiyaki in Japan. But we can find it at the section for prepared dish or takeout dish in many big supermarkets or department stores.
In addition, when various festivals are held, we can certainly find the street stalls for okonomiyaki.

As the type of okonimiyaki, Kansai-type and Hiroshima-type are famous.

Kansai-style okonomiyaki

Kansai is the name of the area around Osaka.
This is the most popular style of okonomiyaki throughout most of Japan.

First a batter is made by mixing flour, grated yam, dashi, eggs and shredded cabbage and stirring them in a bowl.
The batter is spread roundly like a pancake on a hot plate.
At this time, according to your taste, some ingredients are topped on it.
Popular ingredients are sliced pork, sliced beef, squid, chopped green onion, chopped beni-shoga and so on.

When one side are fried, it is flipped with two metal spatulas and the other side are fried.

After both sides of it are fried, thick sosu (Worcestershire sauce) are spread thick, and katsuobushi and powder of green laver are coated.
You can eat it after slicing with a metal spatula.

Generally the guest sits at the table of hot plate. A chef makes it in front of you and serves it to you.
At some restaurants, a batter and ingredients which you ordered are served and you can make it for yourself.

Botejyu : Kansai-style okonomiyaki chain
Tsuruhashi Fugetsu : Famous okonomiyaki restaurant in Osaka

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki was born in Hiroshima city in the 1950s.
It has a different way from Kansai-style one.

First a batter is made by mixing only flour and dashi.
The batter is spread thinly and roundly like crape on a hot plate, and cabbages cut into thin strips and moyashi are heaped up high on it.
And sliced pork or tempura of squid, and chopped green onion are put on it, then a little batter is poured on it.

With keeping this shape, it is flipped with two metal spatulas. This is the difficult motion, because it is far thicker than Kansa-style okonomiyaki.
After this, it is pressed into the shape of a pancake.

Generally yakisoba or fried udon are made on the side, and the okonomiyaki is put on this.
Aside from this, a few eggs are fried sunny-side up. But the yokes are broken.
At the last, okonomiyaki are put on the eggs, and sosu, katsuobushi and powder of green laver are coated.

Many people have wrong understanding that Hiroshima-style is the okonomiyaki with noodle.
Certainly most people order the okonomiyaki with noodle.
But above unique way to make okonomiyaki is the Hiroshima-style.

Otafuku foods : Famous sosu (sauce) maker in Hiroshima. See "RECIPES" page.

Kansai-style okonomiyaki Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki
Clerks make okonomiyaki for you. Takeout okonomiyaki at outdoor festival


Takoyaki is also a popular Japanese dumpling.
One piece is about the size of a table tennis ball, and we can commonly buy a pack contains 6 to10 pieces of takoyaki.
Takoyaki is takeout food, so you can get it at in many big supermarkets or street stalls for takoyaki.

You can eat takoyaki across the country, but the center of takoyaki is Osaka.
There are many takotyaki shops in the city, and the citizens of Osaka make takoyaki at home.

Tako means octopus, so the focus ingredient is octopus.
When takoyaki are cooked, a special frying pan is used. It is made of cast iron, and it has many hemispherical molds.
First a batter is made by mixing flour, egg, and water or dashi, and it is poured into each mold of the hot pan.
And a boiled and diced octopus, beni-shoga, chopped green onion and a few other foods are put on each batter of the molds.
When being fried in part, all batters are flipped with a tool like ice pick, and they are fried to the shape of ball.
Several takoyaki are served on a plate, and sosu, katsuobushi and powder of green laver are put on them.

Like cream puff, the filling is very creamy, but your tooths touch a hard tako to chew.

Takoyaki Octopus in Takoyaki
Making takoyaki Most popular takoyaki shop in Osaka


Yakisoba is also a popular Japanese snack dish.

It is a noodle dish, and Chinese noodle are fried on a pan.
See the page of Japanese Noodle.


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