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Maruoka Castle

Maruoka Castle Maruoka Castle is located in Maruoka town about 10 km north-northeast of central Fukui city.
This castle is one of the 12 castles with original castle keep in existence in Japan. So it has been designated as a nationally important cultural property.

It was built in 1576 or 1596. There is some debate over when it was built.
It is said that it was built by Katsutoyo Shibata, a nephew of Katsuie Shibata who was the lord of Echizen area. Until the end of Edo Period (1603-1867), it was the center of this town.

In 1871, this castle was demolished except the castle keep. The keep fortunately escaped demolition because Maruoka town bought this building. There was a pentagon-shaped moat around the keep, but it was reclaimed by the town to build the park.

In 1948, the great earthquake destroyed the keep.
After that, the keep was restored by using original components in 1955.

The park around this castle is known for the magnificent cherry trees.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Fukui station, by route bus to Hon-Maruoka, about 40 minutes.

By car

About 13 km from central Fukui city, about 20 minutes.

Maruoka Castle
Maruoka castle in the evening
Maruoka Castle in spring
Maruoka castle in winter

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