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Akiu hot spring resort

Akiu hot spring resort Akiu hot spring resort is located about 15 km west of central Sendai city, and is in the valley formed by Natori River.
It is close to central Sendai city, then many people visit here for stay-over or single-day bathing.

In 6th century, Emperor Kinmei bathed here for hot spring cure, then Akiu hot spring had used the bath for imperial family.
After Masamune Date built Sendai city in the early 17th century, he set up the bathroom in this area for his clan.
Around the same time, he allowed to open inns here for travelers.
Since that this hot spring area became one of most popular resorts in Tohoku District.

Along Natori River, there are a dozen of hotels and ryokans.
And there are a few scenic spots around this resort.

Rairaikyo gorge

Rairaikyo gorgeIt is a gorge formed by Natori River, and is nearly in the center of this hot spring resort area.
The gorge is about 1 km long, and more than 20 meters deep.
Along this gorge there is a walking trail about 700 meters long, then we can see the strange rocks, rapid stream of the river and some waterfalls.

Akiu Waterfall

Akiu WaterfallIt is a waterfall located about 12 km west-northwest of hot spring resort town and is upstream of Natori River.
It is 55 meters high and 6 meters wide. Much water fall down swiftly.
It is sometimes listed as one of the three major waterfalls in Japan. (Others are Nachi waterfall and Kegon waterfall.)
There is a walking trail, so we can go near the basin.

Futakuchi gorge

Sendai City MuseumIt is a gorge near headstream of Natori River, and is located about 7 km west of Akiu Waterfall.
Along the river there are some waterfalls.
Most popular spot is "Omotebanji" rock. It is a huge vertical rock wall. and it is 3 km long and more over 150 meters high.
There is Futakuchi hot spring at the entrance of this gorge, and Omotebanji is about 3.5 km from there.

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How to get to here

Route bus

From Sendai station to Akiu-onsen (hot spring resort) it takes about 54 minutes.
A few buses of them go to Akiu Waterfall. It takes 20 minutes from the hot spring resort.
From Akiu hot spring resort through Akiu Waterfall to Futakuchi hot spring, other route bus runs once or twice a day. It takes 31 minutes.


From central Sendai city, to Akiu hot spring about 20 km, 30 minutes.
To Akiu Waterfall about 33km, 1 hours. To Omotebanji about 50 km, 1 hours 40 minutes.

Akiu hot spring resort
Rairaikyo gorge
Akiu Waterfall

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