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Naruko hot spring resort

Naruko hot springNaruko hot spring resort ("Naruko-onsen" in Japanese) is located about 55 km north of Sendai.
Since a long time ago, it has been known as good spring resort.
There are about two dozens of hotels and ryokans around JR Naruko-onsen station.

In the resort town, there are two communal bathhouses; Takinoyu and Waseda-Sajikiyu.
Takinoyu is the oldest bath in this resort and the water is acid.
Waseda-Sajikiyu is a unique bathhouse, because seven civil engineering students of Waseda University struck this hot spring by chance when they were practicing boring in 1948.

This resort is promoting to walk in geta (Japanese wooden clogs).
At the visitor center in Naruko-onsen station, we can rent a pair of geta. (100 yen a day)
Additionally "Yumeguri ticket" is convenient to enjoy the various bathes. (1,200 yen)

Naruko is also known as one of the productive centers of kokeshi (simple Japanese wooden doll).
There are several kokeshi workshops in the resort town.

Japan Kokushi Museum

Japan Kokeshi MuseumIt is a museum of kokeshi opened in 1980. It is located about 2 km west-southwest of Naruko hot spring resort town. In Japanese, it is called "Nihon Kokeshi-kan".
Many various kokeshi dolles are displayed. Especially the collection of Prince Takamatsu (1905-1987), the third son of Emperor Taisho, should be seen. They were endowed after he passed away.
Also we can see the production process of kokeshi.

Naruko gorge

Naruko gorgeIt is a gorge formed by Ooya River, and is located west of Japan Kokeshi Museum.
Along the river, there are many strange rocks. The depth of the gorge is more over 100 meters, and many people visit here in auntumn foliage season.
In autumn, route buses run from Naruko hot spring resort. (About 13 minutes)

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How to get to here


By Tohoku Shinkansen, get off at Furukawa station.
Then change to the train on JR East Rikuu Line ("Rikuu-tousen" in Japanese) and it takes about 44-52 minutes.

Route bus

From Sendai station, it takes 1 hour and 25 minutes by express bus.

Naruko hot spring resort
Visitors and a hot spring in the Naruko resort town
A bathroom in Takinoyu
Japan Kokeshi Museum
Naruko kokeshi
Naruko gorge in autumn

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