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Takamatsu city

TakamatsuTakamatsu city map Takamatsu is the prefectural capital in Kagawa Prefecture, and is located at the north part of the prefecture.
It faces Seto Inland Sea (Seto Naikai).

In the late 16th century, Takamatsu Castle was built here.
And the castle town was constructed, then it has developed.

The railroad ferry between Uno in Okayama Prefecture and Takamatsu was opened in 1910, then Takamatsu became the entrance to Shikoku.
So many local agencies of the government and branch offices of main companies has been based in this city.
The trains to most cities in Shikoku Island had started from here.

Great Seto Bridge was completed in 1988.
The trains from Okayama (Honshu island) has come to run directly into Shikoku Island across the bridge.
But Takanatsu is still the important railroad terminal.

When you visit Takamatsu, I'm sure that you find many "Sanuki udon" restaurants.
It is the specialty udon noodle, and is one of the Japanese major udon dishes. "Sanuki" is the old name of Kagawa Prefecture.
Some are the common form of the restaurants, but the others are self-service.
In such restaurants, you immerse udon in boiling water, put it into a bowl, pour soup over the udon, and put your favorite toppings on it.

Takamatsu city official website

Takamatsu Castle /1/

Takamatsu Castle It is a castle located near Takamatsu Port. Another name is Tamamo Castle.
The site has been set out as Tamamo Park.
There are JR Takamatsu station and Takamatsu-Chikko station of Kotoden Line near this park.

It was built in 1587, and was renovated in the middle of the 17th century.
Originally the north side of the castle faced the sea directly. So the moats of this castle are still filled with seawater, and oysters and sea breams live in there.
The castle tower was demolished in 1884, and the mausoleum of Yorishige Matsudaira (1622-1695, the 1st lord of the castle) was built in 1920 there.

Now, the restoration of the castle tower is under review.
Some buildings and gates remain in this site.

Ritsurin Garden /2/

Ritsurin Koen It is a Japanese garden located about 3 km south of Takamatsu station.
The construction of this garden began in the early 17th century, and finally finished in 1745.
In 1875, it was opened to the public as a prefectural park.

There is Mount Shiun 170 meters high, and this garden is at the eastern foot of the mountain.
It has an area of 75 hectares, and the area includes Mount Shiun.
The part of the garden is about 700 meters from north to south and about 350 meters from east to west in width.

The garden has 6 ponds and 13 hills. The view of this garden includes the scenery of Mount Shiun.
We can enjoy the scenery with walking around the trails.

By route bus, about 13 minutes from JR Takamatsu station.

Ritsurin Garden official website

Shikoku-mura outdoor museum /3/

Shikoku-mura It is an outdoor museum with many old folk houses in Shikoku Island.
It is located about 6 km east of central Takamatsu city, and is at the southern foot of Mouny Yashima.
There are many folk houses, work shops, storehouses, Kabuki stages, tea houses, and the other buildings built in the 18-20th centuries.

About 10 minutes walk from JR Yashima station on Kotoku Line.
From Takamatsu To Yashima, about 10 minutes by limited express, about 20 minutes by local train.

Mount Yashima /4/

Mount Yashima It is a mountain located about 5-7 km east of central Takamatsu city.
It looks like a tableland, and the highest point is at the level of 292 meters.
On the top of the mountain, there is Yahimaji temple of Shingon Buddhism.

Of course, there is the observatory on the top. And the popular specialty play is "Kawarake throwing".
Kawarake is a small unglazed dish. You can get 8 dishes for 200 yen.
Throw them farther at the observatory, and your wish will come true.

By route bus, about 18 minutes from JR Yashima station to the top of the mountain.

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Temple or Shrine / Museum or Laboratory / Market or Commercial facility / Factory /
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How to get to here

By railroad

From Okayama, by JR rapid train, about 55 minutes.

By airplane

From Takamatsu Airport, about 45 minutes by route bus.

Tsukimi-Yagura in Takamatsu Castle Ushitora-Yagura in Takamatsu Castle
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Moat filled with seawater A view from Takamatsu Castle
Nanko pond in Ritsurin Garden
Kikugetsutei in Ritsurin Garden Higurashitei in Ritsurin Garden
An old house in Shikoku-mura Old Kabuki stage in Shikoku-mura
Mount Yashima Yashimaji temple
Evening view from Yashima Kawarake throwing
Sanuki udon Self-service Sanuki udon

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