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Otonashi Shrine [鳴無神社]

Otonashi Shrine
Otonashi Shrine

Approach to Otonashi Shrine
Approach to Otonashi Shrine

Otonashi Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Susaki city located about 30 km west-southwest of Kochi city.

The coast line of Susaki city is the ria coast and highly indented.
This shrine is located about 12 km east of the center of Susaki city and is around the innermost part of a narrow bay.

According to shrine legend, there was a battle between a god and Emperor Yuryaku in the late 5th century.
The god escaped by ship and reached this place.
Then, the god established the shrine.

However, in reality, it is said that this shrine was built in 1251.
And the lord of Kochi repaired the shrine in the middle of the 17th century.

The main shrine was rebuilt in 1663.
And it was disassembled, repaired and restored in 1957.

A few buildings in the shrine are designated as national important cultural properties.

It is very unique that the approach of the shrine extends toward the sea like a pier.
Recentely, the scenery has been popular and is called Miyajima of Tosa (Itsukushima Shrine of Kochi Prefecture).

And this shrine is worshipped as the god of marriage.

Current Emperor and Empress were married in 1993.
Before that, it is said that a chamberlain to the Crown Prince visited this shrine secretly and worshipped to be able to get married.

Omikuji is a written oracle and is sold in this shrine on Saturday and Sunday.

You get the omikuji sheet at 100 yen.
The good or bad luck of your fortune is written in a long and narrow sheet.
Also the fortunes about your health, academics, business, marriage proposals, and victory or defeat are written.

Usually you tie the omikuji to a rope or a branch of a trees after you read.
But in this shrine, you float it on the sea from the edge of the approach.
(The paper dissolves in water, so it is also environmentally friendly.).

How to get here

By local train of JR Dosan Line, about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kochi to Ônogô.
From Ônogô station, about 20 minutes by taxi.

No route bus runs to the shrine.
Because the distance is over 10 km, it is hard to walk to the shrine.

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