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Kashima Shrine

Kashima ShrineKashima Shrine is a Shinto shrine located at the center of Kashima city.
In Japanese, it is called "Kashima-jinguu".

It is said that this shrine was founded in 660.B.C. In the year, Emperor Jinmu, the first Emperor in Japan, ascended to the throne.
But it is the record on the mythology, so it's not known exactly when the shrine was founded.
However it is said that it was already in being in around the 8th century.

In the precincts, there are two shrines and the other buildings.
Main shrine ("Honden") was rebuilt in 1618, and the old main shrine ("Okumiya") was rebuilt in 1605.

In the "Treasure Museum", a sword designated a national treasure is displayed. It was created in the 8th century, and the length is about 2.7 meters.

And in the precincts, there are two mysterious spots.

One is "Kanameishi", and it is a rock.
It is said that the rock is holding down a great catfish which causes the great earthquakes in the ground. So Kashima region has only a little earthquakes.
(Old Japanese people had believed that catfish caused the earthquakes.)
And the bottom of the rock is unknown.
In the 18th century, a samurai dug around the rock to find the bottom for seven days. But it had always gotten back again next morning.
Since that, nobody has challenged it.

The other is "Mitarashi-no-ike" pond.
Whether you are tall or short, it is said that this pond has the same depth strangely.

Additionally there is a deer farm in this precincts, and there are about 30 deer.
Deer is a messenger of God in this shrine.

The three cities on Waterfront

How to get to here

By railroad

From Narita, get on the local train on JR Narita Line and Kashima Line.
It takes about 1 hour to Kashima-jinguu.
To Narita station, use JR Sobu Line from Tokyo through Chiba.
(It is inconvenient a little.)

By express buses

Get on the bus to Kashima-Jinguu station or Kashima Soccer Staduim at Tokyo station.
It takes 2 hours (the former) or 1 hour 33 minutes (the latter) to Kashima-jinguu station.

Entrance of Kashima Shrine
Main shrine of Kashima Shrine
Old main shrine of Kashima Shrine
Roumon gate in Kashima Shrine
Kanameishi Mitarashi-no-ike pond

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