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Aokigahara forest

Aokigahara forestMount Fuji mapAokigahara is the forest spreading at the northern foot of Mount Fuji.
It is located to the south of Lake Sai and Lake Shoji.

The forest spreads at the level of 920-1,300 meters, and the width is about 3,000 hectares.

In Japanese, it is called "Aokigahara-jukai", and "jukai" means "sea of trees".

This forest was formed on the lava plateau after the eruption of Mount Fuji in 864.
It is a primary forest mixing coniferous trees and broadleaf trees.

Some walking trails are set up, and we can enjoy walking in the woods.

But the forest is very thick and the ground in the forest is rugged with lava. So if you have swerved a trail, you may be less able to return the original trail.

As a result, here has been a famous place for suicide.
There are many signages and posters to get diverted from suicide along the trails.

There are the following spots in this forest.

  • Aokigahara mapFugaku lava cave : It is a popular lava cave located 2.5 km southwest of Lake Sai. In Japanese, is is called "Fugaku-Fuuketsu".
    The cave has low ceilings, and the interior average temperature is about 3 degrees C.
    So we can see ice pillars in the cave in summer.
    Here becomes very crowded during the tourist season.
  • Narusawa lava cave : It is also a popular lava cave located 1 km east of Fugaku lava cave. In Japanese, is is called "Narusawa-Hyouketsu".
    The interior average temperature is about 3 degrees C.
    This cave has two halls inside. There are some ice pillars throughout the year.
  • Ryuuguu lava cave : It is a lava cave located 1.2 km north of Narusawa lava cave.
    It is enshrined a god of water.
    We can enter only to 10 meters from the entrance.
  • Koumori-ana : It is a lava cave located 1 km north of Ryuuguu lava cave. It is near Lake Sai.
    The length of cave is more then 350 meters.
    "Koumori-ana" means "bat cave" in English, and some bats live in this cave.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Kawaguchiko station, the route bus "Retro bus" is operated.
It runs around Aokigahara area. The main bus stops to walk on the trails are "Saiko-Yachou-no-mori-kouen", "Fugaku-Fuuketsu" and "Ryuuguu-douketsu-iriguchi" and "Saiko-Koumori-ana".
From Kawaguchiko, about 35-50 minutes.

By car

From Kawaguchiko, about 12-15 km.

Forest in Aokigahara
Entrance of Fugaku lava cave Entrance of Narusawa lava cave
Ice in Narusawa cave Koumori-ana

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