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Shosenkyo gorge

Shosenkyo gorgeShosenkyo is a gorge located about 7-12 km north of central Kofu city.
It has been formed by Arakawa River, and there are a lot of strange locks along the river at the bottom of the deep gorge.

A road runs along the gorge. Route buses run on this road.
Here is one of the popular spots, so this road is crowded with cars in the foliage season.

The main spots are the followings.

  • Nagatoro Bridge : The old bridge completed in 1925. Here is the entrance of the gorge, and there are some shops and parking lots.
  • Kakuenbou : The rocky mountain located 3.5 km upstream from Nagatoro Bridge. It is the main mountain in Shosenkyo.
  • Senga Waterfall : A waterfall near Kakuenbou. The height is 30 meters.
  • Shosenkyo Ropeway : A ropeway to the observatory on a mountain. The station is to the north of Senga Waterfall.

How to get to here

By route bus

From Kofu station, about 30 minutes to the entrance of Shosenkyo, about 60 minutes to the end of Shosenkyo.

By car

To the entrance of Shosenkyo, about 11 km from central Kofu city, about 20 minutes.

Nagatoro Bridge Shosenkyo
Kakuenbou Senga Waterfall

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