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Kiyosato highland

Kiyosato highlandKiyosato mapKiyosato highland is on the southeastern foot of Yatsugatake mountains.
Here is one of the popular summer resorts, and many resort inns and cottages are dotted on the slope of Yatsugatake.
They are located at a height of 1,000-1,400 meters.

In 1938, the construction of the Ogouchi Dam began. (The dam is located at the western end of Tokyo Metropolis, and the dammed lake is Lake Okutama.)
Then the people who lived in the submerged villages were forced to emigrate to Kiyosato.
They had to develop the barren land for themselves.

Around the same time, Paul Rusch (1897-1979), an American missionary, helped to develop the land.
He taught them the dairy, so this area developed.
Since the 1960s, Kiyosato has been known as a resort area.

The central place of the area is Kiyosato station on JR Koumi Line.
The main spots are within about 3 km from the station.
The route bus "Kiyosato Picnic Bus" runs from Kiyosato station through main sightseeing spots.

Kiyosato Country Resort Information

The popular spots are the followings.

  • Seisenryo /1/ : It is a facility with shops, restaurants and a hotel, and it is the main building of "KEEP Farm".
    Keep Farm is the experiment ranch founded by Paul Rasch, and many Jersey cows are farmed.
    It is located 1-2 km west of Kiyosato station.
    The soft serve ice cream made from the cow's fresh milk is very popular.
  • Moegi-no-mura /2/ : It is a village with shops, restaurants and cafes. Each buildings are in European style, and they are dotted in a forest.
    Additionally there is the museum of music box "Hall of Halls".
    It is located about 1 km southeast of Kiyosato station.
  • Prefectural Yatsugatake Farm /3/ : It is a vast prefectural farm located just to the west of KEEP Farm.
    There is "Makiba Park" for visitors in the farm. We can meet the sheep, goats and ponies there.
    It is opened from mid-April to early November.
  • Higashizawa Ohashi bridge /4/ : It is a bridge located about 1 km northwest of Seisenryo.
    It spans a gorge, and is a good view spot to see the scenery of Yatsugatake Mountains and beautiful forests.
  • Utsukushi-mori hill /5/ : It is a hill located about 3 km northwest of Kiyosato station. "Utsukushi-mori" means "beautiful forest".
    It is a natural observatory, and the height is 1,542 meters.
    There is a tourist information center and a parking lot at the foot of the hill, and we walk only about 200 meters to the top.
  • Doryu Falls /6/ : It is a group of small waterfalls located about 1.5 km west of Kiyosato station.
    It is 10 meters high and 15 meters wide, and we feel as if we see a Japanese garden.
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How to get to here

By railroad

  1. By limited express of JR Chuo Line, about 2 hours 0-15 minutes from Shinjuku to Kobuchizawa.
  2. By local train of JR Koumi Line, about 25 minutes from Kobuchizawa to Kiyosato.

By car

Run Chuo Expressway and exit at Nagasaka exit. About 150 km from Tokyo. From the exit, about 12 km to Kiyosato.

Seisenryo and KEEP Farm
A shop in Moegi-no-mura
Music boxes in "Hall of Halls"
Yatsugatake Farm
Higashizawa Ohashi
At Utsukushi-mori Doryu Falls

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