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Hiyoshi Taisha shrine

Hiyoshi Taisha shrineMount HieiHiyoshi Taisha is a Shinto shrine located at the eastern foot of Mount Hiei.
It is positioned about 0.8 km west-northwest of Sakamoto terminal station of Keihan Line, and the station of cable car to the top of Mount Hiei and Enryakuji temple is about 0.5 km south of this shrine.

Before recorded history, Mount Hachioji located northwest of this shrine had worshiped as a sacred mountain.
And two shrines were set up around the top of the mountain. It is said that the foundation was in 91 B.C. in legend. (But it is hard to believe.)
After that, new shrine was constructed at the foot of the mountain in 668.
Then this shrine became large with both old and new shrines.

This shrine is located to the northeast of central Kyoto, and is at the unhappy direction in a Japanese traditional cosmology.
Also Enryakuji temple worshiped this shrine as the guardian god.

Now this is the head shrine of about 2,000 shrines named "Hiyoshi", "Hie" or "San'nou" in Japan.
Monkey is regarded as the messenger of gods, so we can see the real monkeys and the charms with the picture of monkey in this shrine.

In the broad precincts, there are many small shrines. But two shrines of them are main.
They are "Higashi-Honguu" (East Shrine) and "Nishi-Honguu" (West Shrine), and both shrines are designated as national treasures.
Many of the other shrines are designated as important cultural properties.

How to get to here

By railroad

By Keihan Line, go to Sakamoto station. About 16 minutes from Hama-Otsu.
Then about 10 minutes walk from there.

Approach in the shrine A bridge on the approach
Roumon gate to East Shrine East Shrine
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Roumon gate to West Shrine West Shrine
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Front Shrine of West Shrine
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Lucky Charms

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