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Miidera temple

Miidera templeMount HieiMiidera is a Buddhist temple located west of central Otsu city.
The formal name is "Onjoji", but "Miidera" has been more commonly used.

"Mii" means "three wells".
In legend, when three babies who became the Emperors in the 7th century were born, the water of a well in this temple was used.
But there isn't the ruin of the well.

As identified above, this temple was founded in the 7th century.
Since the 9th century, the temple developed by many believer of imperial family, nobility and samurai.

But since the 10th century, Miidera came into conflict with Enryakuji.
So this temple had been set on fire some dozen times for about 500 years by the priests of Enryakuji. Enryakuji had a strong power, but the governments in the middle ages protected Miidera.

But this temple were sometimes tossed by the troubles in the government.
In 1595, Kondo temple in Miidera were moved to Enryakuji by compulsion on orders of the government. And it is the current Shakado in Enryakuji.
In this time, many statues and treasures had been moved some other temples.
From the 17th century, this temple were reconstructed.
Most of the buildings in the current temple were built in the period.

In the temple grounds, there are many buildings.
Kondo (built in 1599) and two guest houses (built in 1600 and 1601) are designated as national treasures.
And most of the other buildings are designated as important cultural properties.

How to get to here

By railroad

By Keihan Line, go to Miidera station. (The next station of Hama-Otsu)
Then about 10 minutes walk from there.

By route bus

About 11 minutes from JR Otsu station.

Niomon gate of Miidera
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman
Bell house Kan'nondo
Bimyoji temple
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman
kan'non statue vy an approach road
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman
A view of Otsu city from Miidera
Photo by Nihonrettou-okunijiman

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