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Onomichi city

OnomichiOnomichi is a city located at the southeast part of Hiroshima Prefecture, and is just halfway between Okayama city and Hiroshima city.
The distance from Hiroshima is about 80 km.

The central city faces Seto Inland Sea (Seto Naikai).
But there is Mukaishima island in front of the coast, and the channel between the mainland and the island is only 200-500 meters wide. It looks like a river.

This area is hilly, and most of the area is on the slopes.
The urban area is along the coast from east to west, and many narrow and sloping streets and alleys run in the area.

Onomichi was not attacked by air raids in World War II, so many old houses and small temples remain in this sloping area.
The scenery with such sloping town, narrow streets, islands in Seto Naikai has attracted various artists, so many novelists and poets wrote about Onimichi and some movies were set on this city.

To enjoy the sightseeing of Onomichi, walking is best.
The route to visit several temples in the uptown on the north side of JR San'yo Line is the most popular. It is about 2.5 km long.
Around the route, there are 25 old temples. The popular temples are the followings.

  • Jikoji temple /1/ : The temple of Jodoshu (Pure Land Buddhism). The gate of stone is unique.
  • Komyoji temple /2/ : The temple of Jodoshu founded in the early 9th century.
    It has the tomb of Jinmaku (1829-1903) who was one of the strongest champions of Sumo wrestlers (Yokozuna) in the history.
  • Senkoji temple /3/ : The temple of Shingon Buddhism founded in 806.
    It is on the top of the hill, so the temple ground are the popular observatory.
    The ropeway leads to this temple from the foot of the hill.
  • Ten'neiji temple /4/ : The temple of Soto Zen Buddhism founded in 1367.
    Three-story pagoda and 500 statues of Buddha are popular.
  • Saikokuji temple /5/ : The temple of Shingon Buddhism founded in the early 8th century.
    It is the largest temple in Onomichi.
  • Saigouji temple /6/ : The temple founded in the 14th century.
    The main temple and the gate are designated as national important cultural properties.
  • Jodoji temple /7/ : The temple of Shingon Buddhism. It is said that Prince Shotoku (574-622) founded this temple.
    The main temple and Two-story pagoda are designated as national treasures.

"Onomichi-ramen" is a popular noodle in Onomichi.
The soup is made of the fish from Seto Naikai, and it is seasoned with only shoyu (soy sauce).
There are many restaurants for Onomichi-ramen in the city.

ononavi.com : Onomichi Tourist Association official website

Map of Onomichi

How to get to here

By railroad

  1. By Shinkansen, get off at Shin-Onomichi station.
  2. By route bus, about 15 minutes from Shin-Onomichi station to JR Onomichi station.

Narrow street in Onomichi
Street with stone steps
A view from Senkoji Park
Three-story pagoda in Ten'neiji Saikokuji
Saigoji Main temple of Jodoji
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Two-story pagoda in Jodoji
Photo by Rettou-houmotsukan
Onomichi ramen
Photo by Ore no shaso

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