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Fudoin Iwayado temple [不動院岩屋堂]

Fudoin Iwayado
Photo : ©Tottori Pref.

Fudoin Iwayado
Photo by Rettou Houmotsukan

Fudoin Iwayado is a unique Buddhist temple built in a big cave.
It is loacted in Wakasa town about 35 km southeast of Tottori city, and is in a valley in the mountain.

The natural cave is on a rocky cliff of the mountainside.
The height of the cave is about 13 meters, the width is about 7 meters, and the depth is about 10 meters.

Iwayado temple in the cave is about 10 meters in height.
And it is a national important cultural property.

Shinkoji temple was founded in 806.
Shinkoji became a large temple in the middle ages, and the current Iwayado was constructed as a building of Shinkoji in the late 14th century.

Shinkoji was destroyed by fire in 1581.
But only Iwayado remained.

In Iwayado, the Buddha statue named Fudô-Myôô has been enshrined.
So, the formal name is Fudoin Iwayado.
It is said that the statue was created by high priest Kuukai when the temple was established.

A small river flows in the valley, and Iwayado is near the river.
There is a short approach from the bridge over the river and stone steps to Iwayado are set up.

The temple is usually closed and the visitors can the temple at the foot.
Only on the 4th Sunday in March and July, the temple is opened and we can worship the statue in the temple.

How to get here

From Tottori station to Wakasa station, about 50 minutes by JR Inbi Line & Wakasa Railway, or about 1 hour by route bus.

By Wakasa town bus for Ochiori, about 11 minutes to Iwayado stop.

Route bus between Tottori and Wakasa is operated every an hour.
But, the train to Wakasa and Wakasa town bus is operated every 2 or 3 hours.
In addition, Wakasa town bus isn't connected with the bus and train from Tottori.

So you must wait for the town bus for a long time. (The distance between Wakasa station and Iwayado is about 6.5 km.)

Wakasa town bus comes back from Ochiori village to Iwayado stop in about 20 minutes.
You should catch the bus to return to Tottori.

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