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KagurazakaKagurazaka map Kagurazaka is a town located northwest of JR Iidabashi station, and is located in the nearly center of JR Yamanote loop line.

In this district, there were many samurai's residences in Edo Period (the 17-19th centuries).
And several temples were built, and many Geishas also had gathered here.
In Meiji Period (the late 19th century), smart men and novelists had visited here.

In the prime time, there were about 700 Geisha girls here, but today there are only 30 girls.

From near the south exit of JR Iidabashi, Kagurazaka street extends to the northwest.
It is the main street of Kagurazaka district, and it is a gentle upslope. There are many shops along the street.
This street is free of vehicle on Sunday and national holiday.
And it is also free of vehicle from 12:00 to 13:00 on weekdays.

The length of the street is about 700 meters, and there is Akagi shrine around the endo of the street.
There is Zenkokuji temple at the midpoint of the street, and has been familiar to the people in this district by the name of "Bishamonten".

Both areas of the street have narrow and bendy alleys with slopes.
In this quite areas, many high-class Japanese-style restaurants are dotted. The visitors can entertain themselves at Geisha parties to order.
When you walk around here, you may find any Geisha girls by any chance.

However, there are an institute of French language around here, then we can find Frenchmen sometimes. So there are also some restaurants of world's cuisines in this area.

The popular alleys are Geisha-Shinmichi, Kakurenbo-Yokocho and Hyogo-Yokocho.

How to get to here


  • Iidabashi station (local train on Chuo Line).

By subway

  • Iidabashi station (Tozai, Yurakucho, Nanboku, Ooedo Lines).
  • Kagurazaka station (Yurakucho Line).
  • Ushigome-Kagurazaka station (Ooedo Line).

Kagurazaka street
Zenkokuji temple in Kagurazaka
Akagi shrine in Kagurazaka
An alley in Kagurazaka
A Japanese restaurant in Kagurazaka
A Japanese restaurant in Kagurazaka

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