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Togenuki Jizou (Koganji temple)

Togenuki Jizou (Koganji temple)Koganji temple is a Zen temple for Soto sect, and is located about 0.4 km northwest of JR Sugamo station on Yamanote Line.
The nickname "Togenuki Jizou" is better known in many people.

"Togenuki Jizou" means "deity drawing a thorn".

In 1713, a samurai's wife was deadly sick, so he had been praying for her recovery to Jizo deity.
One day, he received a reveration from Jizou deity in a dream.
In accordance with the reveration, he drew 10,000 pictures of Jizou and floated down a river. Then his wife was cured of a disease.
After that, he gave his pictures to his aquaintance by the request.
And when a female servant of the aquaintance drank a thorn by mistake, he had her drink it. Then she could expel the thorn.

The samurai enshrined his pictures to a temple in Kanda area in 1728.
The temple moved to Sugamo area in 1891.
It was destroyed by Great Tokyo Air Raids in 1945, but was rebuilt in 1957.

When we go and worship at this temple, we can get the small picture.
It is said that the picture cure you by sticking it on your sore place.

Additionally there is a small statue of the Goddess of Kannon in the precincts.
It is said that the Goddess cure you by washing the part of your sore place on the statue with water.

There is a shopping street from the temple to the Koshinzuka stop of Toei Streetcar located about 600 meters northwest of the temple.
Most of visitors to the temple are old people, and female visitors is more than male.
So the street is always full with old people. Therefore it is often called "Grandma's Harajuku".

How to get to here

By JR, subway

  • About 5 minutes walk from Sugamo station (JR Yamanote Line, Subway Mita Line).

By Toei Streetcar

  • About 8 minutes walk from Koshinzuka stop.

The main gate of Togenuki Jizou
The main hall of Togenuki Jizou
Washing the statue in Togenuki Jizou
Grandma's Harajuku

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